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klevpton , v. klevptw 1. 2.

klevptw, KLE vPTW, klevptw

KLE vPTW : Ion. impf. klevpteskon : f. klevyw and klevyomai : aor. I e[kleya : pf. kevklofa : Pass. , aor. I ejklevfqhn ; aor. 2 ejklavphn »a±1/4 : pf. kevklemmai :— to steal, filch, purloin, Hom ., etc. ; th`" geneh`" e[kleye from that breed Anchises stole, i.e. stole foals of that breed, Il.; sw`makl . to let it down secretly, Eur.

2. in part. act. thievish, klevpton blevpei he has a thiefs look, Ar.
II. to cozen, cheat, deceive, beguile, Il., Hes. , etc. :— Pass. , probaivnei kleptovmeno" he goes on blindfold, Hdt.

III. like kruvptw , to conceal, keep secret, disguise, Pind ., Soph. , Eur. , etc.
IV. to do secretly or treacherously, kl. sfagav" to perpetrate slaughter secretly, Soph .; kl. muvqou" to whisper malicious rumours, Id.; klevptwn h] biazovmeno" by fraud or force, Plat.

2. to seize or occupy secretly, Xen.


kleyiv-frwn , on , ( frhvn ) deceiving, dissembling, h. Hom.


kley-uvdra , Ion. -uvdrh , hJ , ( u{dwr ) a water-clock, like our sand-glasses, used to time speeches in the lawcourts, Ar.

II. name of an ebbing well in the Acropolis at Athens, Id.

klevw, KLE vW

KLE vW , Ep. kleivw : Pass. , Ep. 2 sing. impf. e[kleo (for ejkleveo ):— to tell of, celebrate, Od., Hes. , Eur. :— Pass. to be famous, Od., Pind. ; e[nqÆ ajgorai; klevontai where are held the famous meetings, Soph.


klh`/de" , Att. nom. pl. of kleiv" .


klhvdhn , Adv. ( kalevw ) by name, Il.


klh/doucevw, klh/dou`co" , old Att. for kleid- .


klhdwvn , ovno", hJ , Ep. klehdwvn and klhhdwvn , ( klevw ) an omen or presage contained in a word or sound, Od., Hdt. , Aesch.

II. a rumour, tidings, report, Hdt ., Trag. ; klhhdw;n patrov" news of my father, Od.
2. glory, repute, Trag.
III. a calling on, appeal, patrw`/ai klhdovne" Aesch.
2. a name, appellation, Id.

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