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klhtevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of kalevw , to be called, named, Plat.

II. klhtevon , one must call, Id.


klhteuvw , f. sw , to summon into court or give evidence that a summons has been served ( v. klhthvr ), Ar.


klhthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( kalevw ) one who calls, a summoner, or rather a witness who gave evidence that the legal summons had been served ( cf. Horaces licet antestari), Ar ., Dem.

II. generally, = kh`rux , Aesch.


klhtov" , hv, ovn , ( kalevw ) called, invited, welcome, Od.

2. called out, chosen, Il.


klhvtwr , oro", oJ , = klhthvr , Dem.


klhv/w , old Att. for kleivw (A).


kli<Eth>ba±nivth", klivba±no" , v. sub kriban- .


kliØqh`nai , aor. I pass. inf. of klivnw .


klivma »iØ1/4, ato", tov , ( klivnw ) an inclination, slope: esp. the supposed slope of the earth towards the pole: hence a region or zone of the earth, clime, Plut ., Anth.


kli<Eth>mavkion »a±1/4, tov , Dim. of kli`max , Ar.


kli<Eth>makthvr , h`ro", oJ , the round of a ladder, Eur. From kli`max


kli`max , a±ko", hJ , ( klivnw ) a ladder or staircase (because of its leaning aslant), Od., etc. :— a scaling-ladder, Thuc ., Xen. ; klivmako" prosambavsei" Aesch .:— a ships ladder, Eur ., Theocr.

II. a frame with cross-bars, on which persons to be tortured were tied, Ar.
III. in Soph. , klivmake" ajmfivplektoi intertwining ladders, to express the entanglement of the limbs of wrestlers.

IV. a climax, i.e. a gradual ascent from weaker expressions to stronger, Lat. gradatio , as Ciceros abiit,

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