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knhmov" , oJ , the projecting limb or (as we say) shoulder of a mountain, Hom.


knhsiavw , Desiderat. of knavw , to wish to scratch, to feel an itching, to itch, Plat.


knhsiv-cru<Eth>so" , on , scraping or gnawing gold, Anth.


knh`sma , ato", tov , a sting, bite, Xen.


knhsmonhv , hJ , = knhsmov", oJ , Anth.


knhsmov" , oJ , ( knavw ) an itching, irritation, Plut.


knh`sti" , ew" and io", hJ , ( knavw ) a knife for scraping cheese, Il. (in contr. dat. knhvsti<Eth> ).


knivdh »i<Eth>1/4, hJ , ( knivzw ) a nettle, Lat. urtica , Theocr ., Anth.


Knivdio" »iØ1/4, a, on , ( Knivdo" ) of or from Cnidos; oiJ Knivdioi the Cnidians, Hdt.

knivzw, KNI vZW

KNI vZW , Dor. knivsdw : f. knivsw »iØ1/4 : aor. I e[knisa , Dor. e[knixa :— Pass. , aor. I ejknivsqhn :— to scrape or grate: to tickle: metaph ., of love, to nettle, chafe, irritate, Hdt. , Eur. ; of satiety, Pind .; of anxiety, Hdt. , etc. ; ouj knivsw to; rJh`mÆ e{kaston will not attack every word, Ar. :— Pass. , knivzesqaiv tino" to be stung

(with love) for one, Theocr.

II. kn. ojrgavn to provoke anger, Pind.


kni<Eth>pov" , ovn , niggardly, Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kni`sa , Ep. knivsh , h", hJ , Lat. nidor , the steam and odour which exhales from roasting meat, the savour and steam of burnt sacrifice, which ascends up to heaven as a gift to the gods, Hom.

II. that which caused this smell and steam, i.e. the fat, in which the flesh of the victim was wrapped and burnt, mhrouv" tÆ ejxevtamon katav te knivsh/ ejkavluyan Il.


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