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knuvzhma , tov , = knuzhqmov" , of infants, Lat. vagitus , Hdt.


knuzovw , f. wvsw , to disfigure the eyes, make dim and dark Od. (Deriv. uncertain.)


knwvda±lon , tov , any dangerous animal, from a lion to a serpent or worm, a monster, beast, Od., Hes. , Trag. :—of persons, as a term of reproach, w\ pantomivsh knwvdala Aesch. (Deriv. uncertain.)


knwvdwn , onto", oJ , ( ojdouv" ) in pl. knwvdonte" , two projecting teeth on the blade of a hunting spear, Xen. ; xivfou" diploi` knwvdonte" , i.e. a two-edged sword, Soph. : also knwvdwn alone for a sword, Id.

knwvssw, KNW vSSW

KNW vSSW , to slumber, sleep, Od., Pind.


koavlemo" »a<Eth>1/4, oJ , a stupid fellow, booby, Ar. (Deriv. uncertain.)


koavx , Comic word, to express the croaking of frogs, brekekeke;x koa;x koavx Ar.


koba<Eth>livkeuma , tov , a knavish trick, Ar. From kovbalo"


kovba<Eth>lo" , oJ , an impudent rogue, arrant knave, Ar .: — Kovbaloi were mischievous goblins, invoked by rogues, Id.

II. as Adj. kovbala , knavish tricks, rogues, Id. (Deriv. uncertain.)

kovgch, KO vGCH

KO vGCH , hJ , a muscle or cockle, Lat. concha , Xen.

II. the case round a seal attached to diplomas or documents, Ar.


kogcuvlh »uØ1/4, hJ , = kovgch , Anth.


kogcuØliavth" »a<Eth>1/4, ou, oJ , full of shells, livqo" kogc . shelly marble, Xen.


kogcuvlion , tov , Dim. of kogcuvlh , a small kind of muscle or cockle, Arist.

2. its shell, any bivalveshell, Hdt.

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