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koinov-ploo" , on , contr. -plou" , oun , ( plevw ) sailing in common, Soph.


koinov-pou" , oJ, hJ, poun, tov , of common foot, k. parousiva , i.e. the arrival of persons all together, Soph.


koinov" , hv, ovn , rarely ov", ovn : (from xuvn = suvn , cf. xunov" ):— common, shared in common, opp. to i[dio" , Hes. , Att. ; proverb., koino;n tuvch Aesch .; koina; ta; tw`n fivlwn Eur.

2. c. dat ., k. tini common to or with another, Aesch. ; also c. gen ., pavntwn k. favo" Id.
II. common to all the people, common, public, general, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc.
III. to; koinovn the state, Lat. respublica , Hdt ., Att.
2. the government, public authorities, Thuc ., Xen. ; ajpo; tou` koinou` by public authority, Hdt .; a[neu tou` tw`n pavntwn koinou` without consent of the league, Thuc.

3. the public treasury, Hdt ., Thuc.
4. ta; koinav public affairs, Oratt.; pro;" ta; koina; proselqei`n, prosievnai to enter public life, Dem. , etc. ; also the public money, Ar.

IV. common, ordinary, usual, Plat ., etc.
V. of Persons, of common origin or kindred, esp. of brothers and sisters, Pind. , Soph.
2. like koinwnov" , a partner, Soph ., Ar.
3. lending a ready ear to all, impartial, Thuc ., Plat. :— courteous, affable, Xen.
4. of events, koinovterai tuvcai more impartial (i.e. more equal) chances, Thuc.
VI. of meats, common, profane, N.T.
B. Adv. koinw`" , in common, jointly, opp. to ijdiva/ , Eur. , etc.
2. publicly, Thuc ., etc.
3. sociably, like other citizens, Arist ., Plut.
4. in common language or fashion, Plut.
II. so fem. dat. koinh`/ , in common, by common consent, in concert, Hdt ., Soph. , Eur.
2. publicly, Xen.
III. so with Preps., ej" koinovn in common, Aesch .; eij" to; k . for common use, Plat.


koinovth" , hto", hJ , a sharing in common, community, partnership, Plat ., etc.

II. affability, Xen.


koinov-toko" , on , ( tivktw ) of or from common parents, ejlpivde" k . hopes in one born of the same parents, i.e. a brother, Soph.


koino-fiØlhv" , ev" , ( filevw ) loving in common, Aesch.


koinov-frwn , on , ( frhvn ) like-minded with, tiniv Eur.

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