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koinovw , f. koinwvsw : aor. I ejkoivnwsa :— Med. , f. koinwvsomai , Dor. -avsomai :— aor. I ejkoinwsavmhn :— Pass. , aor. I ejkoinwvqhn :— to make common, communicate, impart a thing to another, k. tiv tini Aesch ., Eur. , etc. ; ti e[" tina Eur.

2. to make common, to defile, profane, N.T .: —Med. to deem or pronounce profane, Ib.
II. Med. to communicate one to another, Aesch ., Soph.
b. to cause to be communicated, tiv tini Plat.
2. to take counsel with, tini Xen.
3. to be partner or partaker, tino" of a thing, Eur.
4. c. acc. rei, to take part or share in, Id., Thuc.
III. Pass. to have intercourse with, Eur.


koinwvn , w`no" , Dor. koinavn , a`no", oJ , = koinwnov" , Pind. , Xen.


koinwnevw , f. hvsw : pf. kekoinwvnhka : ( koinwnov" ):— to have or do in common with, have a share of or take part in a thing with another, tinov" tini Xen.

2. k. tinov" to have a share of or take part in a thing, Trag. , Xen.
3. k. tini to have dealings with or intercourse, Ar ., Plat.
4. rarely c. acc. rei, k. fovnon tini to commit murder in common with him, Eur.
5. absol. to share in an opinion, to agree, Plat .:— to form a community, Arist. Hence koinwvnhma


koinwvnhma , ato", tov , in pl. acts of communion, communications, dealings between man and man, Plat.


koinwnhtevon , verb. Adj. one must give a share, Plat.


koinwniva , hJ , ( koinwnevw ) communion, association, partnership, fellowship, Pind ., Thuc. , etc.

2. c. gen. objecti, communion with, partnership in, Eur ., etc. ; tiv" qalavssh" boukovloi" k .; what communion have herdsmen with the sea? Id.

II. a common gift, contribution, alms, N.T.


koinwnikov" , hv, ovn , held in common, social, Arist.

II. giving a share, tino" of a thing, Luc. From koinwnov"


koinwnov" , oJ and hJ , ( koinov" ) a companion, partner, tino" in a thing, Aesch. , etc. ; oJ tou` kakou` k . accomplice in the evil, Soph. ; also, tini in a thing, Eur.

2. absol. a partner, fellow, Plat ., Dem.

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