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kolokuvnqh or -th , h", hJ , a pumpkin, Lat. cucurbita .


kolokunqiav" , hJ , made from pumpkins, Anth .; and kolokuvnqino"


kolokuvnqino" , h, on , made from pumpkins, ploi`a Luc.


kovlon , tov , the colon or lower intestine, Ar. From kovlo"

kovlo", KO vLOS

KO vLOS , on , docked, curtal, Lat. curtus , Il.;of oxen, stump-horned or hornless, Hdt .; so, w\ kovle , addressed to a he-goat, Theocr.


kolossov" , oJ , a colossus, of the huge statues in the Egypt. temples, Hdt. : generally a statue, Aesch ., Theocr. The most famous Colossus was that of Apollo at Rhodes, 70 cubits high, made in the time of Demetrius Poliorcetes, Luc. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kolosurtov" , oJ , poët. word, a noisy rabble, Il., Ar. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kovl-ouro" , on , ( kovlo", oujrav ) dock-tailed, Plut.


kovlousi" , ew", hJ , a docking, cutting short, Arist. From kolouvw


kolouvw , f. -ouvsw : aor. I ejkovlousa : Pass. , aor. I ejkolouvqhn or -uvsqhn : pf. kekovloumai : ( kovlo" ):— to cut short, dock, curtail, Hdt.

II. metaph. to cut off, disappoint, to; me;n televei, to; de; kolouvei part he brings to pass, part he cuts off, of the threats of Achilles, Il.; mhde; ta; dw`ra kolouvete curtail them not, Od.:—of persons, ta; uJperevconta k . to cut down, degrade, those who are exalted above others, Hdt. :— Pass. to be cut short or abridged, Aesch .; ejpeida;n kolouqw`si when they suffer abatement, Thuc.


kolofwvn , w`no", oJ , a summit, top, finishing, kolofw`na ejpitiqevnai , to put the finishing stroke to a thing, Plat. (Deriv. uncertain.)


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