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kolpiva" , ou, oJ , swelling in folds, Aesch. From kovlpo"

kovlpo", KO vLPOS, kovlpo"

KO vLPOS , oJ , Lat. sinus :

I. the bosom, Il.
2. the womb, Eur.
II. the fold formed by a loose garment, as it fell over the girdle, Il.:—this fold sometimes served for a pocket, Od., Hdt. ; kovlpon ajniemevnh letting down her robe so as to form a fold, i.e. baring her breast, Il.; kovlpw/ peplwvmato" under the deepfolded robe, Aesch. ; ejpi; sfura; kovlpon ajnei`sai having let their folded robes fall down to their ankles, Theocr.

III. any hollow, as
1. of the sea, first, in a half-literal sense, Qevti" uJpedevxato kovlpw/ received him in her bosom, Il.; then, of the deep hollow between waves, Hom.

2. a bay or gulf of the sea, Il., Aesch.
3. a vale, k. jArgei`o" Pind .; jEleusiniva" Dhou`" ejn kovlpoi" Soph.


kolpovw , f. wvsw , to form into a swelling fold; esp. to make a sail belly or swell, Lat. sinuare , a[nemosk. th;n ojqovnhn Luc .; citw`na" kolpwvsante" tw`/ ajnevmw/, kaqavper iJstiva Id.:— Pass. to bosom or swell out, of a sail, Mosch. ; kolpou`tai Zevfuro" eij" ojqovna" Anth .; of a bay, to curve, Polyb.


kolp-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) embosomed, embayed, Eur.


kovlpwma , ato", tov , a folded garment, Plut.


kolumbavw , f. hvsw , to plunge into the sea, N.T.


kolumbhvqra , hJ , a swimming-bath, Plat .; and kolumbhthv"


kolumbhthv" , ou`, oJ , a diver, Thuc ., Plat. , etc. ; and kolumbiv"


kolumbiv" , ivdo", hJ , a sea-bird, a diver, Ar. From kovlumbo"

kovlumbo", KO vLUMBOS

KO vLUMBOS , oJ , a diver, Ar.


Kovlco" , oJ , a Colchian, Hdt ., etc. :— Adj. Kolcikov" , hv, ovn , Colchian, Id.:— fem. Kolciv" , ivdo" , and as Subst. Kolciv" ( sub. gh` ), Colchis, Id.; ( sub. gunhv ), Eur.

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