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krovthsi" , ew", hJ , a clapping, tini; ceirw`n Plat .; and krothsmov"


krothsmov" , oJ , = krovto" , Aesch.


krothtov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of krotevw , stricken, sounding with blows, Aesch .: rattling, Soph.

krovto", KRO vTOS

KRO vTOS , ou, oJ , a striking, the sound made by striking, kr. podw`n the beat of the feet in dancing, Eur. ; kr. ceirw`n a clapping of hands, applause, Ar ., Xen.


krou`ma , ato", tov , ( krouvw ) a stroke: a sound made by striking stringed instruments with the plectron, a note, Plat.


kroumatikov" , hv, ovn , of or for playing on a stringed instrument, Anth.


krounivzw , f. sw , ( krounov" ) to send forth a stream, Hence krouvnisma


krouvnisma , ato", tov , a gush or stream, Anth.

krounov", KROUNO vS

KROUNO vS , ou`, oJ , a spring, well-head, whence the streams ( phgaiv ) issue, Il., Soph. ; so, krounoi;

JHfaivstou streams of lava from Etna, Pind. : metaph. a torrent of words, Ar.


krouno-cutro-lhvraio" , oJ , ( krounov", cuvtra, lhrevw ) a pourer forth of washy twaddle, Ar.


krou`si" , ew", hJ , ( krouvw ) a striking, smiting, Plut.

2. a tapping of earthen vessels, to see whether they ring sound: metaph. deception, cheatery, Ar.
3. a playing on a stringed instrument, Plut.


krou`sma , ato", tov , = krou`ma , Anth.


kroustikov" , hv, ovn , fit for striking the ears, impressive, Arist .: —metaph. of a speaker, Ar. From krouvw

krouvw, KROU vW, krouvw

KROU vW , f. sw : pf. kevkrouka :— Med. , aor. I ejkrousavmhn :— Pass. , pf. kevkroumai or -ousmai :— to

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