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I. of persons,
1. opp. to kalov" , mean, ugly, Il.
2. opp. to ajgaqov", ejsqlov" , ill-born, mean, ignoble, Hom ., Soph.
3. craven, cowardly, base, Hom ., Hdt. , Att.
4. bad of his kind, i.e. worthless, sorry, poor, k. ajlhvth" a sorry beggar, Od.; k. ijatrov" Aesch .; k. nauvth" Eur .; pavnta kakov" bad in all things, Od.; kako;" gnwvmhn Soph .; -c. inf ., kako;" manqavnein bad at learning, Id.

5. in moral sense, bad, evil, wicked, Od., Att.
II. of death, disease, etc. , bad, evil, baneful, Hom ., Att. ; of omens, bad, unlucky, Att .; of words, evil, abusive, Soph .; k. poimhvn , i.e. the storm, Aesch.

B. kakovn, tov , and kakav, tav , as Subst. evil, ill, Od., Hdt. , etc. ; duoi`n ajpokrivna" kakoi`n having chosen the least of two evils, Soph .:— kakovn ti e[rdein or rJevzein tinav to do evil or ill to any one, Il.; kako;n (or kaka; ) poiei`n tinav Att .; kaka; kakw`n = ta; kavkista , Soph.

2. kakav, tav , also evil words, reproaches, Hdt ., Trag.
C. degrees of Comparison:
1. regul. Comp. kakwvtero" Od., Theocr. ; but never in Att. :— irreg. kakivwn, on , [with 1/4 , Hom. , [with i<Eth>1/4 , Att.

2. Sup. kavkisto" , Hom. , etc. :—but ceivrwn, ceivristo" , and h{sswn, h{kisto" , are also used as Comp. and Sup.

D. Adv. kakw`" , Lat. male , ill, Il., etc. :— kakw`" poiei`n tina to treat one ill; kakw`" poiei`n tinav ti to do one any evil, Att .; kakw`" pravssein to fare ill, Aesch .; kakw`" pavscein Id.; kakw`" givgnetaiv tini Hdt. ; kakw`" ejkpevfeuga , Lat. vix demum effugi , Dem .: —Comp. kavkion , Hdt. , Att. : Sup. kavkista , Ar. , etc.

E. in Compos., when added to words already signifying something bad, it increases this property, as in kako-pinhv" : but added to words signifying something good, it implies too little of this property, as in kakov-doxo" . Once or twice it stands merely as an Adj. agreeing with the Subst. with which it is compounded, as Kakoi?lio" for kakh; [Ilio", kakovnumfo" for kako;" nuvmfio" .


ka±kov-si<Eth>to" , on , eating badly, i.e. having no appetite, fastidious, Plat.


ka±ko-skelhv" , ev" , ( skevlo" ) with bad legs, Xen.


ka±ko-skhnhv" , ev" , ( skh`no" ) of a bad, mean body, Anth.


kavk-osmo" , on , ( ojsmhv ) ill-smelling, Ar.


ka±kov-splagcno" , on , ( splavgcnon ) faint-hearted, Aesch.


ka±ko-sporiva , hJ , ( spovro" ) a bad sowing or crop, Anth.

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