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2. one who has had his neck in the pillory, a knave, Lat. furcifer , Luc.


kuyevlh , hJ , any hollow vessel: a chest, box, Hdt ., Ar.


Kuyelivdai , oiJ , descendants of Cypselus, Theogn.

kuvw, KU vW

KU vW :
I. in pres. and impf. , of females, to conceive, Orac. ap. Hdt. , Theogn. , etc.
2. rarely c. acc. to be pregnant with a child, Xen.
II. in aor. I e[ku<Eth>sa , Causal, of the male, to impregnate, and med. ejku<Eth>savmhn , of the female, to conceive, Hes.

kuvwn, KU vWN, kuvwn

KU vWN , oJ and hJ , gen. kuØnov" , dat. kuØniv , acc. kuvna , voc. kuvon :— pl. , nom. kuvne" , gen. kunw`n , dat. kusiv , Ep. kuvnessi , acc. kuvna" :— a dog or bitch, Hom ., etc. ; most commonly of hounds, Id., etc. ; the Laconian breed was famous, Soph. ;— nhv or ma; to;n kuvna was the favourite oath of Socrates, Plat. : cf. trapezeuv" .

II. as a word of reproach, to denote shamelessness or audacity in women, rashness, recklessness in men, Hom.

2. at Athens a nickname of the Cynics, Arist. , Anth.
III. the Trag. apply the term to the ministers of the gods; the eagle is Dio;" pthno;" kuvwn Aesch .; the griffins Zhno;" ajkragei`" kuvne" Id.; the Bacchantes Luvssh" k . Eur. , etc.

IV. a sea-dog, mentioned as a fish in Od.
V. the dog-star, i.e. the dog of Orion, placed among the stars with its master, Il.


kw , Ion. for pw .


kw`a" , tov , irreg. pl. kwvea , dat. kwvesi , a fleece, used as bedding, Hom. , Hdt. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kwbiov" , oJ , a fish of the gudgeon kind, Plat. , etc.


kwdavrion »a±1/4, tov , Dim. of kwvdion , Ar.


kwvdeia , hJ , the head, Il. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kwvdion , tov , Dim. of kw`a" , a sheepskin, fleece, used for bedding, Ar. , Plat.

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