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kwvdwn, KW vDWN

KW vDWN , wno", oJ and hJ , a bell, Aesch ., Eur. :—in fortified towns an officer went round at night with a bell to challenge the sentries, and see that they were awake, Thuc. ; wJ" kwvdwna ejxayavmeno" like one with an alarmbell in his hand, Dem. Hence kwdwnivzw


kwdwnivzw , f. Att. iw` , to prove by ringing, of money, Ar.


kwdwnov-kroto" , on , ringing, jingling, as with bells, Eur.


kwdwno-fa±la±rov-pwlo" , on , with bells on his horses‘ trappings, Ar.


kwdwno-forevw , f. hvsw , to carry the bell round, to visit the sentinels, Ar .: —Pass ., a{panta kwdwnoforei`tai everywhere the bell goes round, i.e. the sentinels are being visited, Id.


kwvea, kwvesi , nom. and dat. pl. of kw`a" .

kwvqwn, KW vQWN

KW vQWN , wno", oJ , a Laconian drinking-vessel, Ar.


Kwvio" , a, on , contr. Kw`/o" .


kwvku<Eth>ma , ato", tov , a shriek, wail, Aesch ., Soph. ; and kwkutov"


kwku<Eth>tov" , oJ , a shrieking, wailing, Il., Trag.

II. Kwku<Eth>tov", oJ , Cocytus, River of Wailing ( cf. jAcevrwn ), one of the rivers of hell, Od., etc. From kwkuvw

kwkuvw, KWKU vW

KWKU vW , f. uvsw »u<Eth>1/4, -uvsomai : aor. I ejkwvku<Eth>sa , Ep. kwvku<Eth>sa :— to shriek, cry, wail, mostly of women, Hom.

2. c. acc. to wail over one dead, Od., Aesch. , Soph.


kwl-agrevth" or -akrevth" , ou, oJ , ( kwlh`, ajgrevw ) collector of the pieces at a sacrifice, name of a magistrate at Athens, who had charge of the public table in the Prytaneion, and paid the dicasts, Ar. ; kwlagrevtou gavla , comically for the misqo;" dikastikov" , Id.

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