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kwrosuvna , hJ , Dor. for kourosuvnh , Theocr.


Kwruvkio" »uØ1/4, a, on , Corycian (from the Corycian cave in Mt. Parnassus), Soph. ; korufai; K . the peaks of Parnassus, Eur. ; also Kwruki;" pevtra Aesch.

kwvruko", KW vRU KOS

KW vR ØUKOS , oJ , a leathern sack or wallet for provisions, Od.

2. in the gymnasium, a large leathern sack hung up, filled with fig-grains ( kegcramivde" ), flour, or sand, for the athletes to strike, Arist.


KwvruØko" , oJ , a promontory of Cilicia, h. Hom. , Thuc.


Kw`" , Ep. Kovw" , hJ , gen. Kw` , the island Cos, opposite Caria, Hom. :— Kovwnde to Cos, Il.


kw`" , Ion. for pw`" .

II. enclit. kw" , Ion. for pw" .


kwtivlloisai , Dor. for -ousai , part. pl. fem. of sq.


kwtivllw , only in pres. , to prattle, chatter, Lat. garrire , mostly with notion of wheedling, Hes ., Theogn. , etc.

II. trans. to talk over, attempt to wheedle, Theogn ., Soph. (Deriv. unknown.) Hence kwtivlo"


kwtivlo" , h, on , of a swallow, twittering, Anacr., etc. : of persons, chattering, prattling, babbling, Lat. garrulus , Theogn ., Theocr.

II. metaph. lively, expressive, Theocr ., Anth.


kwfov" , hv, ovn , ( kovp-tw ) radical sense, blunt, dull, obtuse, kwfo;n bevlo" the blunt, dull shaft, opp. to ojxuv , Il.

II. metaph .:
1. dumb, mute, kuvmati kwfw`/ with dumb wave, before it breaks, Ib.; kwfh;n gai`an ajeikivzei dishonours the dumb, senseless earth, Ib.; ta; me;n a[lla e[ske kwfav the other parts of the ground sounded dull, opp. to the ringing of the hollow parts, Hdt. ; oJ k. limhvn , prob. the bay of Munychia, as opp. to the noisy Peiraeus, Xen.

2. after Hom. , of men, dumb, Orac. ap. Hdt. : deaf and dumb, Id.

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