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plhrwmavtwn of the crews, Thuc.

2. in Att. law, kakwvsew" divkh an action for ill-usage or neglect of parents, Dem ., etc.
II. damage, misfortune, Thuc.


ka±la±qivsko" , oJ , Dim. of kavlaqo" , Ar. From kavlaqo"

kavlaqo", KA vLA QOS

KA vL ØAQOS »ka±1/4, oJ , a vase-shaped basket, Lat. calathus , Ar.

II. a cooling-vessel, cooler, Virg.


ka±lavi>no" or kallavi>no" , h, on , like the kavlai>" , of changeful hue, of the cock, Anth. From kavlai>"


kavlai>" , hJ , a precious stone of a greenish blue ( v. foreg.), the turquoise or chrysolite, Plin.


kalamaiva , hJ , ( kalavmh ) a kind of grasshopper, Theocr.


ka±la±meuthv" , ou`, oJ , (as if from * kalameuvw ) a reaper, mower, Theocr.

II. an angler, Anth.


ka±lavmh »a±1/4, hJ , ( v. kavlamo" ) the stalk or straw of corn: metaph ., ai\ya fulovpido" pevletai kovro", h|" te pleivsthn me;n kalavmhn cqoni; calko;" e[ceuen, a[mhto" dÆ ojlivgisto" men are soon satiated with battle, where the sword throws much straw on the ground, and there is little harvest, i.e. much slaughter and little profit, Il.; k. purw`n wheat straw, Hdt.

2. the stalk without the ear, stubble; metaph. of an old man, kalavmhn gev sÆ oji?omai eijsorovwnta gignwvskein thou mayst still, I ween, perceive the stubble (i.e. the residue) of former strength, Od.; ajpo; th`" kalavmh" tekmaivresqai to judge from the remains, Luc.


ka±la±mh-tomiva , hJ , ( tevmnw ) a reaping, Anth.


ka±la±mh-favgo" »a±1/4, on , ( fagei`n ) devouring stalks, i.e. cutting them, Anth.


ka±la±mh-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) carrying reeds, Xen.


ka±lavmiØno" , h, on , ( kavla±mo" ) made of reed, Hdt.

II. made of cane, Id.

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