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6. ironically, finely, Lat. belle , Soph ., Eur.
D. Quantity: a<Eth> in Ep. Poets: in Att. : in later Poets or a<Eth> , as the verse requires.

kavlpi", KA vLPIS

KA vLPIS , ido", hJ : acc. kavlpin and kavpida :— a vessel for drawing water, a pitcher or ewer, Od., Att. :— an urn for drawing lots or collecting votes, Anth ., Luc. :— a cinerary urn, Anth.


kavltio" , oJ , Sicil. form of Lat. calceus , a shoe, Plut.


ka±luvbh »uØ1/4, hJ , ( kaluvptw ) a hut, cabin, cell, Lat. tugurium , Hdt ., Thuc. , etc.

II. a cover, screen, Anth.


ka±luvbion , tov , Dim. of foreg., Plut.


ka±luØko-stevfa±no" , on , crowned with flower-buds, Anth.


ka±luØkw`pi" , ido", hJ , ( w[y ) like a budding flower in face, i.e. blushing, roseate, h. Hom.


kavlumma , ato", tov , ( ka±luvptw ) a head-covering used by women, a hood or veil, Il.; worn by brides, Aesch. ; a covering put over the face of the dead, Soph.

2. a grave, Anth.


kavlux »a±1/4, uØko", hJ , ( kaluvptw ) a covering, used only of flowers and fruit:

1. the shell or pod of plants, Hdt. ; kavluko" ejn loceuvmasi , i.e. when the fruit is setting, Aesch.
2. the calyx of a flower, a bud, a rose-bud, h. Hom. , Theocr.
II. in Il. 18. 401, kavluke" seem to be earrings like flower-cups.


ka±luvpteira , hJ , = kaluvptra , a veil, Anth.


ka±luptov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of kaluvptw II , put round so as to cover, enfolding, enveloping, Soph.


ka±luvptra , Ion. -ptrh , hJ , a womans veil, Hom ., Aesch. :— metaph. , dnofera; k . the dark veil of night, Aesch.

2. of land given to queens as veil-money ( cf. zwvnh 1. 2), Plat.

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