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4. the beam or tongue of the balance, Anth.
5. in pl. the keys or stops of the flute, Id.
II. metaph ., like Lat. regula, norma , a rule, standard of excellence, Eur. ;—in Chronology, kanovne" cronikoiv were chief epochs or eras, Plut.


kajx , crasis for kai; ejx .


kavp , Ep. for katav before p, f , as ka;p pedivon, ka;p favlara Il.


ka[page , crasis for kai; a[page .


kajpagwvnio" , crasis for kai; ejpagwvnio" .


ka[peita , crasis for kai; e[peita .


kavpeton , Dor. for katevpeson , Pind.


kavpeto" , hJ , (for skavpeto" , from skavptw ), a ditch, trench, Il.:— a hole, grave, Ib., Soph.

kavph, KA vPH

KA vPH »a±1/4, hJ , Ep. dat. pl. kavph/si : ( v. kavptw ):— a crib for the food of cattle, manger, Hom.


ka±phleiva , hJ , retail trade, tavern-keeping, Plat .; and kaphlei`on


ka±phlei`on , tov , the shop of a kavphlo" , esp. a tavern, Lat. caupona , Ar. From kaphleuvw


ka±phleuvw , f. euvsw , ( kavphlo" ) to be a retail-dealer, Hdt .; diÆ ajyuvcou bora`" sivtoi" kaphvleuÆ drive a trade, chaffer with your vegetable food, Eur.

II. c. acc. to sell by retail, Hdt .: —metaph ., kaphleuvein mavchn to make a trade of war, Lat. cauponari bellum , Aesch .; kaphleuvousa to;n bivon playing tricks with life, corrupting it, Anth. ; k. to;n lovgon tou` qeou` N.T.


ka±phlikov" , hv, ovn , ( kavphlo" ) of or for a retail dealer: hJ kaphlikhv ( sc. tevcnh ) = kaphleiva , Plat.

2. like a petty trader, knavish, Anth .: —Adv ., kaphlikw`" e[cein to be vamped up for sale, Ar.

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