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kavrfo" , eo", tov , a dry stalk, Lat. palea, stipula , a chip of wood, Ar .: in pl. the dry sticks of cinnamon, Hdt. ; dry twigs, chips, straws, bits of wool, such as birds make nests of, Ar. From kavrfw

kavrfw, KA vRFW

KA vRFW , f. kavryw , to dry up, wither, kavryw crova kalovn I will wither the fair skin, wrinkle it, Od.; hjevlio" crova kavrfei Hes.


karca±levo" , a, on , rough, divyh/ karcalevoi rough in the throat with thirst, Virgils siti asper, Il. (Deriv. uncertain.)


karca±r-ovdou" , oJ, hJ, -oun, tov , with sharp, jagged teeth, of dogs, Il.; applied to Cleon by Ar. ; and karcarovdwn


karca±r-ovdwn , onto", oJ, hJ , = foreg., Theocr. From kavrcaro"

kavrcaro", KA vRCA ROS

KA vRC ØAROS , on , sharp-pointed, jagged, with sharp or jagged teeth, kavrcaron meidhvsa" , of the wolf, Babr. :— metaph. sharp, biting, of language, Luc.


Karchdonivzw , f. ivsw , to side with the Carthaginians, Plut. From Karchdwvn


Karchdwvn , ovno", hJ , Carthage, Hdt .: —Adj. Karchdovnio" , a, on , Carthaginian, Id.


karchvsion , Dor. -avsion »a<Eth>1/4, tov , a drinking-cup narrower in the middle than the top and bottom, Sappho, etc.

II. the mast-head of a ship, Pind ., etc. ; in pl. , Eur.


kaj" , crasis for kai; eij" or kai; ej" .


ka±salbavzw , f. sw , to abuse in harlot fashion, Ar. From kasalbav"


ka±salbav" , avdo", hJ , like kavssa , a courtesan, harlot, Ar.


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