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kavsa" , ou , or kasa`" , ou`, oJ , a carpet or skinto sit upon, a saddle, Xen. (Prob. a Persian word.)


ka±siva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , cassia, an Arabian spice like cinnamon, but of inferior quality, Hdt. (A foreign word.)


ka±signhvth , hJ , fem. of kasivgnhto" , a sister, Hom . ,etc.


ka±siv-gnhto" , oJ , ( kavsi", givgnomai ), a brother, Hom ., etc. :—in more general sense, a cousin, Il.

II. as Adj. , kasivgnhto", h, on , brotherly, sisterly, Soph ., Eur.

kavsi", KA vSIS

KA vSIS »a±1/4, kavsio" , voc. kavsi, oJ , a brother, Aesch ., Soph. :— hJ , a sister, Eur.


KassiØterivde" , wn, aiJ , the Cassiterides or Tin-islands, prob. the Scilly islands and Cornwall, Hdt. From kassivtero"


kassivtero" »iØ1/4 , Att. katt- , oJ , tin, Lat. stannum , Il. It was melted, and then cast upon calkov" , hence ceu`ma kassitevroio a plating of tin, Ib. (A foreign word.)


kavssu<Eth>ma , Att. kavtt- , ato", tov , anything stitched, esp. the sole stitched under a shoe or sandal, a shoe-sole, Ar .; metaph. , uJpoduvsasqai ejcqrw`n parÆ ajndrw`n kattuvmata to put on shoes made by an enemy, Id. From kassuvw


kassuvw »u<Eth>1/4 , Att. katt- , prob. for kata-suvw (though suvw only occurs in Lat. suo ), to stitch or sew together like a shoemaker, Plat.

II. metaph. to stitch up a plot, like Lat. dolos suere , Ar.


Kastaliva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , the famous spring of the Muses on Mt. Parnassus, Hdt. , Soph. , etc. (Prob. akin to kaqarov" , Lat. castus .)


kajstivn , crasis for kai; ejstivn .


kajstovn , crasis for kai; ejstovn .


Kastovreio" , on , of or for Castor; to; K. mevlo" , a martial song, set to the flute, used in celebrating

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