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katagnwstevon , verb. Adj. of katagignwvskw , one must condemn, tinov" Luc.


kata-gohteuvw , f. sw , to enchant, bewitch: to cheat or blind by trickery, tinav Xen.


kat-a±goravzw , f. avsw , to buy up, fortiva Dem.


kat-a±goreuvw , f. sw , to denounce, tiv tini Ar ., Thuc. ; ti prov" tina Xen.


katavgra±fo" , on , embroidered, Luc. From katagravfw


kata-gravfw »a±1/4 , f. yw , to scratch away, lacerate, Hdt.

2. to engrave, inscribe, novmou" Plut.
3. to paint over, Luc.
II. to fill tablets with writing Eur.
2. to write down, register, record, Plat.


kata-gumnavzw , to exercise much, discipline, Luc.


kat-avgw : f. xw , Ep. inf. -axevmen (in aor. sense): aor. I kathvga±gon : pf. kataghvoca :— to lead down, Lat. deducere , Od., etc. ; esp. into the nether world, Ib.; eij" jAi?dao Ib.

2. to bring down to the sea-coast, Il., Xen.
3. to bring down from the high seas to land, Od.; kat. nau`n to bring a ship into port, Hdt ., Att. :— Pass. to come to land, land, opp. to ajnavgesqai , Od., Hdt. , Att.
b. katavgesqai parav tini to turn in and lodge in a persons house, Lat. deversari apud aliquem , Dem.

4. to draw down or out, spin, Lat. deducere filum , Plat.
5. to reduce to a certain state, ej" kivndunon k. th;n povlin Thuc.
6. k. qrivambon , Lat. deducere triumphum , Plut .: to escort, like pompeuvw , Id.
7. k. gevno" to derive a pedigree, Id.
8. kat. boavn to lower the voice, Eur.
II. to bring back, Lat. reducere , Od.: to bring home, recall, Hdt ., Att. : generally, to restore, Hdt .:— Pass. to return, Plat ., Xen. Hence katagwghv


kata±gwghv , hJ , a bringing down from the high sea: a landing, landing-place, Thuc .:—generally, a haltingplace, inn, Lat. statio , Hdt ., Plat. ; and katagwvgion


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