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discover, Hdt ., Soph. ; k. ei\nai to be discovered, Hdt ., Plat.


kata-dhma±gwgevw , f. hvsw , to conquer by the arts of a demagogue: Pass. to be so conquered, Plut.


kata-dhmoborevw , f. hvsw , ( dhmobovro" ) to consume publicly, Il.


kata-diaitavw , f. hvsw : pf. -dedihv/thka , ( v. diaitavw ) to decide as arbitrator against, give judgment against c. gen ., Dem. : Pass. to be decided against one, Id.


kata-diallavssw , f. xw , to reconcile again, Ar.


kata-divdwmi , f. -dwvsw , to give away, intr. to open into, hJ Proponti;" katadidoi` ej" to;n\Ellhvsponton Hdt.


kata-diØkavzw , f. avsw : Pass. , aor. I katedikavsqhn : pf. katadedivkasmai :— to give judgment against a person, pass sentence upon him, condemn him, opp. to ajpodikavzw , c. gen. pers. et acc. rei, k. tino;" qavnaton to pass sentence of death upon him, Hdt. ; c. inf ., k. tino;" ta; e[scata paqei`n to condemn him to suffer extreme penalties, Xen. :— Med. to get sentence given against one, divkhn katadikavzesqaiv tino" Thuc .: —Pass ., katadikasqeiv" condemned, Plat .; c. inf ., katadikavzetai ajpoqanei`n Luc .; of the sentence, ajntevlegon mh; dikaivw" sfw`n katadedikavsqai they contended that judgment had been given against them unjustly, Thuc.

II. to declare by express judgment, Xen.


kata-divkh »iØ1/4, hJ , judgment given against one: the damages awarded, Thuc.


kata-diwvkw , f. xw or xomai , to pursue closely, Thuc.


kata-dokevw , f. -dovxw , to suppose a thing to any ones prejudice, c. inf ., k. tina poiei`n ti to suspect one of doing so and so, Hdt. ; k. sfeva" ei\nai klw`pa" to suspect them of being thieves, Id.; also, oujk a[n kote katevdoxa e[nqen h\n should never have guessed whose son he was, Id.


kata-doxavzw , f. avsw , = katadokevw , Xen.


kata-doulovw , f. wvsw , to reduce to slavery, enslave, Hdt ., Thuc. :— Pass. , katadedouvlwnto,

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