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katala±bei`n , aor. 2 inf. of katalambavnw .


kat-a±lazoneuvomai , Dep. to boast or brag largely, Dem.


kata-la±levw , f. hvsw , to talk loudly, to blab, Ar.


katala±liav , hJ , evil report, slander, N.T. From katavlalo"


katav-la±lo" , oJ , a slanderer, N.T.


kata-lambavnw , f. -lhvyomai , Ion. -lavmyomai : pf. -eivlhfa : Ion. plqpf. -lelabhvkee :— Pass. , Ion. aor. I -elavmfqhn :— to seize upon, lay hold of, Lat. occupare , Od., Hdt. , Att. :— Med. to seize for oneself, Lat. capesso , Hdt.

2. to seize, overpower, of death and fatigue, Hom.
3. to seize with the mind, apprehend, comprehend, Plat.
II. to catch, overtake, come up with, tou;" feuvgonta" Hdt .: of mischances, to overtake, befall, Id.
2. to surprise, catch, find, Lat. deprehendo , with a partic., k. tina; zw`nta Id.; katalambavnei tou;" a[rconta" ejxiovnta" Dem ., etc.

3. impers ., katalambavnei tinav , c. inf ., like the Att. sumbaivnei , it happens to one, it is ones fortune to do so and so, tou`ton katevlabe kei`sqai Hdt.

4. absol ., ta; katalabovnta = ta; sumbavnta , what happened, the circumstances, Id.; h]n povlemo" katalabh`/ Thuc.

III. to repress, arrest, check, th;n duvnamin Kuvrou Hdt .; k. to; pu`r to get it under, Id.; k. eJautovn Id.; k. ta;" diaforav" to put an end to them, Id.:— Pass. , oJ qavnato" katalamfqei;" ejsighvqh inquiries about the death being checked, Id.

2. to bind, k. pivsti, oJrkivoi" , Lat. jurejurando adstringere , to bind by oath, Id., Thuc.
3. to force or compel one to do, c. inf ., ajnagkaivh min k. faivnein forces him to bring out the truth, Hdt. :— Pass. , katalambanovmeno" being constrained, Id. Hence katalamptevo"


katalamptevo" , a, on , Ion. for katalhptevo" , to be arrested, Hdt.


kata-lavmpw , f. -lavmyw , to shine upon or over, c. gen ., Plat. : c. acc ., k. tou;" stenwpouv" to light them, Plut.

II. absol. to shine, Eur .; so in Med. , Id.


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