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kata-locivzw , f. sw , to distribute into lovcoi , and generally to distribute, Plut. Hence katalocismov"


katalocismov" , oJ , distribution into bodies, Plut ., Luc.


katavluØma , ato", tov , ( kataluvw II ) an inn, lodging, N.T.


kata-lu<Eth>maivnomai , Dep. to ruin utterly, destroy, Xen.


kataluvsimo" , on , to be dissolved or done away, Soph.


katavluØsi" , ew", hJ , ( kataluvw ) a dissolving, dissolution of governments, Thuc. , etc.

2. the dismissal or disbanding of a body of men, stratia`" Xen .; eij" katavlusin till dismissal, of soldiers at a review, Id.

3. k. tou` polevmou an ending of the war, pacification, Thuc ., Xen.
4. generally, an end, termination, Xen.
II. a resting, lodging, rest, Eur.
2. = katavluma , a resting-place, guest-chamber, quarters, lodging, kataluvsie" ( Ion. for -luvsei" ), Hdt. , Plat.


kata-luvw , f. -luvsw »u<Eth>1/4 : Pass. , f. -luØqhvsomai : pf. -levluØmai :— to put down, destroy, Il., Eur.

2. of governments, to dissolve, break up, put down, Hdt ., Ar. , etc. ; k. tuvrannon to put down, to depose, Thuc .; k. tina; th`" ajrch`" Xen .: —Pass ., tw`n a[llwn katalelumevnwn strathgw`n having been dismissed, Hdt .,
b. to dissolve, dismiss, disband a body, kataluvein th;n boulhvn Id.; to; nautikovn Dem.
c. th;n fulakh;n k . to neglect the watch, Ar.
3. to end, bring to an end, bivoton Eur .; to;n bivon Xen.
b. k. th;n eijrhvnhn to break the peace, Aeschin.
c. k. to;n povlemon to end the war, make peace, Thuc. , Xen. , etc. ; and absol. ( sub. to;n povlemon ) kataluvein tiniv or prov" tina to make peace with him, Thuc. :—so in Med. , Id., etc. ; kataluvesqai ta;" e[cqra" Hdt.

II. to unloose, unyoke, i{ppou" Od.; to; sw`ma tou` ajdelfevou k . to take it down from the wall, Hdt.
2. intr. to take up ones quarters, to lodge, parÆ ejmoi; kataluvei he is my guest, Plat .; k. parav tina to go and lodge with him, Thuc. : absol. to take ones rest, Ar .; Med. , qanavtw/ katalusaivman may I take my rest in the grave, Eur.


kata-lwfavw , Ion. -evw , f. hvsw , to rest from a thing, c. gen ., Od.

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