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dia-toxeuvw , f. sw , to shoot through.


diav-toro" , on , ( teivrw ) piercing, galling, Aesch .; d. fovbo" thrilling fear, Id.; of a trumpet, Id.

II. pass. pierced, bored through, Soph.


diatra±gei`n , aor. 2 inf. of diatrwvgw .


dia-trevpw , f. yw , to turn away from a thing:— Pass. with f med. , aor. 2 med. -etrapovmhn and pass. -etravphn »a±1/4 , to be turned from ones purpose, to be perplexed, Dem.


dia-trevfw , f. -qrevyw , to sustain continually, Thuc ., etc.


dia-trevcw , f. -qrevxomai : aor. 2 -evdra±mon : pf. -dedravmhka :— to run across or over the sea, Od.

2. metaph. to run through, to;n bivon, to;n lovgon Plat.
II. absol. to run about, Lat. discurrere , Ar ., Theocr.
2. d. mevcri to penetrate to, Plut.


dia-trevw , f. -trevsw , to flee all ways, Il.


diatriØbhv , hJ , a way of spending time: hence, a pastime (pass-time), amusement, Ar ., Dem.

2. serious employment, study, Ar ., Plat. ,
3. a way of life, living, d. ejn ajgora`/ Ar.
II. in bad sense, a waste of time, delay, Eur .; in pl. , Thuc. From diatrivbw


dia-trivbw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. yw :— Pass. , aor. 2 -etrivbhn »iØ1/4 : pf. -tevtrimmai :— to rub between, rub hard, rub away, consume, waste, Hom .: —Pass ., diatriØbh`nai to perish utterly, Hdt.

II. d. crovnon , Lat. terere tempus , to spend time, Id., Xen. : Pass. , ejniauto;" dietrivbh Thuc.
2. absol. (without crovnon ), to waste time, pass it away, ouj mh; diatrivyei" ; i.e. make no more delay, Ar. ; d. ejn gumnasivoi" to pass all ones time there, Id.; d. metÆ ajllhvlwn to go on talking, Id.:—hence, to employ oneself on or in a thing, e[n or ejpiv tini Plat .; periv ti Id.; c. part ., d. meletw`n Xen.
b. also absol. to lose time, delay, Il., Ar. , etc. : c. gen ., d. oJdoi`o to lose time on the way, Od.
III. to put off by delay, to thwart, hinder a thing, Hom. ; d. jAcaiou;" o}n gavmon put them off in the matter of her wedding, Od. Hence diatriptevon


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