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point of the stavdion , turned the post ( kampthvr ), and ran back by the other side, Pind. , Soph. , Eur. :— metaph. , kavmyai diauvlou qavteron kw`lon to run the backward course, retrace ones steps, Aesch. ; also, divauloi kumavtwn ebb and flow, Eur .; divssou" a]n e[ban diauvlou" they would twice return, Id.

II. a strait, Id.


diafa±gei`n , aor. 2 inf. of diesqivw , to eat through, Hdt.


dia-faivnw , f. -fa±nw` :— to shew through, let a thing be seen through, Theocr.

II. Pass ., aor. 2 -efavnhn »a±1/4 , to appear or shew through, nekuvwn d. cw`ro" shewed clear of dead bodies, Il.; of things seen through a transparent substance, Hdt.

2. to glow, to be red-hot, Od.
3. metaph. to be proved, shew itself, Thuc .: to be conspicuous among others, Id.
III. absol. in Act. to shew light through, to dawn, hJmevra, hjw;i dievfaine Hdt .: metaph. to shine through, Xen.


diafavneia , hJ , = diavfasi" , transparency, Plat. From diafanhv"


diafa±nhv" , ev" , ( diafaivnomai ) seen through, transparent, Ar ., Plat.

2. red-hot, Hdt.
II. metaph. transparent, manifest, distinct, Soph ., Plat. :— Adv. -nw`" , Thuc. , etc.
2. famous, illustrious, Plat.


dia-fauvskw , Ion. -fwvskw , ( favo", fw`" ) only in pres. , to shew light through, to dawn, Hdt.


diaferovntw" , Adv. part. pres. act. of diafevrw , differently from, at odds with, diaferovntw" h[ . . , Plat. ; c. gen ., diaferovntw" tw`n a[llwn above all others, Id.

II. absol. eminently, especially, Thuc ., etc.


dia-fevrw , f. -oivsw and -oivsomai : aor. I -hvnegka , Ion. -hvneika : aor. 2 -hvnegkon : pf. -enhvnoca :— to carry over or across, d. nau`" to;nÆIsqmovn Thuc .: to carry from one to another, khruvgmata Eur .:— metaph. , glw`ssan dioivsei will put the tongue in motion, will speak, Soph.

2. of Time, d. to;n aijw`na, to;n bivon to go through life, Hdt. , Eur. ; absol. , a[pai" dioivsei Id.:—in Med. , dioivsetai will pass his life, Soph .; skopouvmeno" dioivsei Xen.

3. to bear through, bear to the end, skh`ptra Eur ., etc.
4. to bear to the end, go through with, povlemon Hdt ., Thuc. :— to endure, support, sustain, Lat. perferre , Soph ., Eur.

II. to carry different ways, to toss or cast about, Id.
2. to spread abroad, Dem.

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