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3. to tear asunder, Lat. differre , Aesch ., Eur.
4. d. th;n yh`fon to give ones vote a different way, i.e. against another, Hdt. : also simply, to give each man his vote, Eur. , Thuc.

III. intr. to differ, make a difference, Pind ., Eur. : c. gen. to be different from, Id., Ar.
2. impers. diafevrei , it makes a difference, plei`ston d ., Lat. multum interest , bracu; d . it makes little difference, Eur .; oujde;n diafevrei Plat .; —c. dat. pers., diafevrei moi it makes a difference to me, Id.; aujtw`/ ijdiva/ ti d . he has some private interest at stake, Thuc.

3. to; d., ta; diafevronta , the difference, the odds, Id., etc. ; but ta; d . also simply points of difference, Id.

4. to be different from a man, i.e. to surpass, excel him, c. gen ., Id., Plat. :—in a compar. sense, dievferen ajlevxasqai h[ . . it was better to defend oneself than. . , Xen.

5. to prevail, of a belief, Thuc.
IV. Pass. to differ, be at variance, periv tino" Hdt .; tini; periv tino" Thuc .: ouj diafevromai , = ou[ moi diafevrei , Dem.


dia-feuvgw , f. -feuvxomai , to flee through, get away from, escape, tinav or ti Hdt ., Plat. :— absol. to escape, Hdt ., Thuc. ; diafeuvgei oujde; nu`n it is not now too late, Dem.

2. to escape one, escape ones notice or memory, Plat, etc. Hence diavfeuxi"


diavfeuxi" , ew", hJ , an escaping, means of escape, Thuc.


dia-fhmivzw , f. ivsw , to spread abroad, N.T.


dia-fqeivrw , f. -fqerw` Ep. -fqevrsw : pf. -evfqarka and dievfqora :— Pass. , f. -fqa±rhvsomai , Ion. -fqerevomai : Ion. 3 pl. plqpf. diefqavrato :— to destroy utterly, Il., Hdt. , Att. : to make away with, kill, destroy, ruin, Soph ., etc. ; d. cevra to weaken, slacken ones hand, Eur. : to disable a ship, Hdt. :— absol. to forget, Eur.

2. in moral sense, to corrupt, ruin, Aesch ., Plat. , etc. :— esp. to corrupt by bribes, Hdt ., Dem. : to seduce, Lysias.

3. oujde;n diafqeivra" tou` crwvmato" having changed nothing of his colour, Plat.
II. Pass. to be destroyed, crippled, disabled, Hdt .; th;n ajkoh;n diefqarmevno" deaf, Id.: ta; skevlea d . with their legs broken, Id.; ta; o[mmata d . blind, Plat. ; ta;" frevna" Eur .; to; frenw`n diafqarevn loss of ones mind, Id.

III. pf. dievfqora is intr. in Hom. , to have lost ones wits; —but in Att. trans ., Soph. , Eur. Hence diafqorav


diafqorav , Ion. -rhv , hJ , destruction, ruin, blight, death. Hdt ., Att.

2. in moral sense, corruption, tw`n nevwn Xen.
II. in pass. sense, ijcquvsin diafq . a prey for fishes, Soph. ; polemivoi" d . Eur. ; and diafqoreuv"

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