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di-ekplwvw , Ion. for di-ekplevw .


di-evkroo" , oJ , a passage for the stream to escape, Hdt.


di-ekfeuvgw , f. -feuvxomai , to escape completely, Plut.


diekcevw , strengthd. for ejkcevw , Aretae. Cur. M. Ac. 2.5.


dievla±si" , ew", hJ , a driving through: a charge or exercise of cavalry, Xen. From dievlaqon


di-evla±qon , aor. 2 of dia-lanqavnw .


di-elauvnw , f. dielavsw , Att. dielw` : aor. I dihvla±sa :— to drive through or across, c. gen ., tavfroio dihvlasen i{ppou" Il.

2. to thrust through, lapavrh" dihvlasen e[gco" Ib.
3. d. tina; lovgch/ to thrust one through with a lance, Plut. , Luc.
II. intr. ( sub. i{ppon ) to ride through, charge through, Xen.


di-elevgcw , f. xw , to refute utterly, Plat.


di-evlkw , f. -elkuvsw : aor. I -eivlkuØsa :— to draw asunder, widen, Plat.

II. to pull through a thing, c. gen ., Ar.
III. to keep on drinking, Id.

divemai, DI vEMAI

DI vEMAI , Pass. (as if from an Act. divhmi = divw ), to flee, speed, pedivoio over the plain, Il.; divesqai to hasten away, Ib.

II. to fear, c. inf ., Aesch.


di-evmeno" , aor. 2 med. part. of dii?hmi .


di-empolavw , f. hvsw , to sell to different buyers, or sell in lots, Lat. divendere , Eur ., Ar. :— metaph. to sell, betray, tinav Soph.

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