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look for, tinav Il.

II. to seek for, seek after a thing, Od.; ejevdnoisin dizhvmeno" seeking to win her by gifts, Ib.; d. to; manthvi>on to seek out, seek the meaning of, Hdt .; ajggevlou" d. eij . . to inquire of them whether. . , Id.:—
c. inf. to seek, desire to do, Id.; c. acc. et inf. to demand or require that, Id. (Prob. redupl. from the same Root as zh-tevw .)


div-zux , zuØgo", oJ, hJ , ( zugovn ) double-yoked, i{ppoi Il.: double, Anth.


divzw , Ep. impf. di`zon , to be in doubt, at a loss, Il., Orac. ap. Hdt. (Prob. from the same Root as div" ;—but)

II. Med. divzomai , = divzhmai , Theocr. , Bion.


div-zwo" , on , ( zwhv ) with two lives, Sisyphus, who returned from Hades, Anth.


di-hvga±gon , aor. 2 of diavgw .


di-hgevomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to set out in detail, describe in full, Thuc ., etc. Hence dihvghsi"


dihvghsi" , ew", hJ , narrative, statement, Plat.


di-hqevw , f. hvsw , to strain through, filter, Lat. percolare , Plat.

2. to wash out, cleanse, purge, Hdt.
II. intr ., of the liquid, to percolate, Id.


dihkonevw, dihvkono" , Ion. for dia<Eth>k- .


di-hkovsioi , Ion. for di-a<Eth>k- .


di-hvkw , f. xw , to extend or reach from one place to another, Hdt. , Thuc.

II. c. acc. to go through, pervade, Aesch ., Soph.
2. to pass over, Aesch.


di-hvla±sa , aor. I of dielauvnw .

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