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be decided, Thuc.

3. to pass judgment on, condemn, Soph.
4. fovnon d . to plead in a case of murder, Eur.
5. c. dat. pers. to decide between persons, judge their cause, Trwsiv te kai; Danaoi`si dikazevtw Il.; ej" mevson ajmfotevroisi dikavssate Ib.:— Pass. to be judged or accused, Xen.

6. absol. to be judge, give judgment, Il.:— to sit as judges or jurymen, Dem.
II. Med. of the culprit, to plead ones own case, defend ones right, have ones case tried, go to law, Od., etc. :— divkhn dikavzesqaiv tini to go to law with one, Plat. ; prov" tina Thuc .; tino" or periv tino" for a thing, Dem.


diØkaieu`n , Ion. for dikaiou`n , inf. of dikaiovw :— dikaieu`si , 3 pl.


diØkaio-kriØsiva , hJ , ( krivsi" ) righteous judgment, N.T.


diØkaio-logevomai , f. -hvsomai : aor. I ejdikaiologhsavmhn or ejdikaiologhvqhn : ( lovgo" ): Dep. :— to plead ones cause before the judge, Aeschin.

II. in Act. , oiJ dikaiologou`nte" advocates, Luc.


diØkaiov-poli" , ew", oJ, hJ , strict in public faith, Pind.


diØkaio-pra<Eth>gevw , f. hvsw , to act honestly, Arist. Hence dikaiopravghma


diØkaiopravghma , ato", tov , a just or honest act, Arist .; and dikaiopragiva


diØkaiopra<Eth>giva , hJ , just or honest dealing, Arist.


divkaio" »iØ1/4, a, on , and o", on : ( divkh ):

A. in Hom. and early writers,
I. of persons, observant of custom and social rule, well-ordered, civilised, Od.; so, dikaivh zovh a regular way of living, Hdt. :— Adv. , dikaivw" mna`sqai to woo in due form, decently, Od.

2. observant of right, righteous, Hom ., etc. :—so of actions, in accordance with right, righteous, Id.
B. later usage:
I. of things, even, wellbalanced, a{rma divkaion Xen .:— regular, exact, rigid, ojrguiai; divkaiai Hdt .; tw`/ dikaiotavtw/ tw`n lovgwn to speak quite exactly, Id.; pavnta dikaivw" tethvrhtai Dem.

2. right, lawful, just, to; divkaion right, opp. to to; a[dikon , Hdt. , etc. ; also, a right, a lawful claim, Thuc. , etc. :— Adv. -w" , rightly, justly, Hdt ., etc.

II. of persons, as well as things, like Lat. justus , meet, right, fitting, Aesch .; i{ppon d. poiei`sqaiv tini

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