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to make a horse fit for anothers use, Xen.

2. real, genuine, true, Dem ., suggrafeuv" Luc .: —Adv. -w" , really and truly, Soph.
3. fair, moderate, like mevtrio" , Thuc. :— dikaivw" with reason, Soph ., Thuc.
C. in Prose, divkaiov" eijmi with inf. , divkaioiv ejsteijevnai you are bound to come, Hdt. ; d. eijmi kolavzein I have a right to punish, Ar. ; divkaioiv eijsi ajpistovtatoi ei\nai they have reason to be most distrustful, Thuc. ; d. ejstin ajpolwlevnai dignus est qui pereat, Dem .:—we should say divkaiovn ejsti , which also occurs.


diØkaiosuvnh , hJ , righteousness, justice, Theogn ., Hdt. , etc. ; and dikaiovth"


diØkaiovth" , hto", hJ , = dikaiosuvnh , Xen. , Plat. , etc.


diØkaiovw , Ion. impf. dikaieu`n : f. wvsw and wvsomai : aor. I ejdikaivwsa :— Pass. , aor. I ejdikaiwvqhn : ( divkaio" ):

I. to set right: Pass ., dikaiwqeiv" proved, tested, Aesch.
II. to hold or deem right, think fit, demand, c. inf ., Hdt. , etc. ; inf. omitted, as ou{tw dikaiou`n ( sc. genevsqai ) Id.:— to consent, douleuvein Id.; ouj d . to refuse, Thuc .: —c. acc. pers. et inf. to desire one to do, Hdt.

III. to do a man right or justice, to judge, i.e.,
1. to condemn, Thuc .: to chastise, punish, Hdt.
2. to deem righteous, justify, N.T. Hence dikaivwma


diØkaivwma , ato", tov , an act by which wrong is set right: a judgment, punishment, penalty, Plat.

2. a plea of right, Thuc .: justification, N.T .: and
3. an ordinance, decree, Ib.


diØkaivwsi" , ew", hJ , a setting right, doing justice to: punishment, Thuc.

2. a deeming righteous, justification, N.T.
II. a demand of right or as of right, a just claim, Thuc.
III. judgment of what is right, Id.


diØkaiwthvrion , tov , ( dikaiovw ) a house of correction, Plat.


diØka<Eth>nikov" , hv, ovn ,

I. of persons, skilled in law, versed in pleading, lawyer-like, Plat ., Xen. , etc.
II. of things, belonging to trials, judicial, Ar ., Plat. , etc. : like a lawyers speech, tedious, Id.


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