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divkh, DI vKH, divkh

DI vKH »iØ1/4, hJ , custom, usage, au{th divkh ejsti; brotw`n this is the custom of mortals, Od.; hJ ga;r divkh ejsti gerovntwn Ib.:— acc. divkhn as Adv. , after the manner of, c. gen ., divkhn u{dato" Aesch ., Plat.

II. right as dependent on custom, law, right, Hom ., etc.
2. divkh ejsti , like divkaiovn ejsti , Aesch. :— divkh/ duly, rightly, Il., Trag. ; kata; divkhn Hdt .; meta; divkh" Plat .; pro;" divkh" Soph.

III. a judgment, divkhn eijpei`n to give judgment, Il.: pl. righteous judgments, Hom.
IV. after Hom. , a lawsuit, properly, a private suit or action, opp. to grafhv (a public suit or indictment), Plat. , etc.

2. the trial of the case, pro; divkh" Thuc.
3. the penalty awarded by the judge, divkhn tivnein, ejktivnein Hdt ., Soph. ; divkhn or divka" didovnai to make amends, suffer punishment, Lat. poenas dare , Hdt ., Att. ; divka" dou`nai , also, to submit to trial, Thuc. :— divka" lambavnein is sometimes = d. didovnai , Lat. dare poenas , Hdt ., Dem. ; but also like Lat. sumere poenas , to inflict punishment, take vengeance, labei`n divkhn parav tino" Id.:—also, divka" or divkhn uJpevcein to stand trial, Hdt ., Soph. ; divkhn parevcein Eur .:— divkhn ojflei`n uJpov tino" to incur penalty, Plat .; divkhn feuvgein to be the defendant in the trial ( opp. to diwvkein to prosecute), Dem. :— divka" aijtevein to demand satisfaction, tinov" for a thing, Hdt. ; divkhn tivsasqai , v. tivnw 1:— divka" didovnai kai; lambavnein parÆ ajllhvlwn to have their causes tried, of subject-states whose causes were tried in the courts of the ruling state, Id.; d. dou`nai kai; devxasqai to submit differences to a peaceful settlement, Thuc.


diØkh-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) bringing justice, avenging, Zeuv" Aesch .; hJmevra d . the day of vengeance, Id.:—as Subst. an avenger, Id.


diØkivdion »iØd1/4, tov , Dim. of divkh , a little trial, Ar.


dikliv" , ivdo", hJ , ( klivnw ) double-folding, of doors or gates, in pl. , Od.; rarely in sing. , Theocr. , Anth.


diØko-gra±fiva , hJ , ( gravfw ) the composition of lawspeeches, Isocr.


diØko-levkth" , ou, oJ , = dikolovgo" , Anth.


diØko-lovgo" , oJ , ( levgw ) a pleader, advocate, Plut.


diØkorra±fevw , f. hvsw , to get up a lawsuit, Ar. From dikorravfo"


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