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di-ovptra , hJ , ( o[yomai , f. of oJravw ) an instrument for measuring heights, a Jacobs staff, Polyb. Hence dioptrikov"


dioptrikov" , hv, ovn , of, belonging to the use of the diovptra , Strab.


di-oravw , f. -ovyomai , to see through, see clearly, Xen.


di-ovrguio" , on , ( o[rguia ) two fathoms long, high, Hdt.


di-orqeuvw , f. sw , to judge rightly, Eur.


di-orqovw , f. wvsw , to make quite straight, set right, amend, d. e[rin to make up a quarrel, Eur. :— Med. to amend for oneself, diorqou`sqai periv tino" to take full security for. . , Dem. Hence diovrqwma


diovrqwma , tov , a making straight, amendment, Plut .; and diovrqwsi"


diovrqwsi" , ew", hJ , a making straight, restoration, reform, Arist .; and diorqwthv"


diorqwthv" , ou`, oJ , a corrector, reformer, Plut.


di-orivzw , Ion. di-ourivzw , f. Att. -oriw` , to draw a boundary through, divide by limits, separate, Hdt ., Plat.

2. to distinguish, determine, define, Hdt ., Aesch. , etc.
3. to determine, declare, Soph .; c. inf. to determine one to be so and so, Dem. ; with inf. omitted, mikro;n kai; mevgan diwvrisan me Soph .: —Med ., with pf. pass. in med. sense, Dem.

4. absol. to draw distinction, lay down definitions, Id.:—so in Med. , Ar. , etc.
II. to remove across the frontier, to banish, Eur ., Plat. : generally, to carry abroad, Eur .; d. povda to depart, Id. Hence diovrisi"


diovrisi" , ew", hJ , and diorismov" , oJ , distinction, Plat.


diovrugma , ato", tov , a through-cut, canal, Thuc. From dioruvssw


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