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di-oruvssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to dig through or across, tavfron Od.; toi`con d. = toicwrucevw , Hdt. , Ar.


di-orcevomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to dance a match with one, tiniv Ar.


di`o" , di`a, divon ( fem. di`o" and diva in Eur. ), contr. for divi>o" : ( Diov" , gen. of Div" ):— god-like, divine, Il.; di`a gunaikw`n noblest of women, Od.:—also worthy, trusty, the swineherd, Ib.; of whole nations or cities, Hom. ; of a noble horse, Il.

2. of things, like qei`o", qespevsio", iJerov" , divine, wondrous, Hom.
II. in literal sense, of or from Zeus, Aesch.


Diov" »iØ1/4 , gen. of Zeuv" , from * Div" .


Diov"-doto" , on , ( div-dwmi ) given by Zeus, Aesch.


Dio-shmiva , hJ , ( sh`ma ) a sign from Zeus, an omen from the sky, of a sudden storm, Ar.


Dioskovreion , tov , the temple of the Dioscuri, Thuc. From Diovskoroi


Diov"-koroi , Ion. -kouroi , oiJ , the sons of Zeus and Leda, Castor and Pollux, h. Hom.

II. the constellation named from them, the Twins, Lat. Gemini , Luc.


di-ovti , Conjunct. for dia; tou`to o{ti , for the reason that, since, Hdt ., etc.

2. indirect, wherefore, for what reason, manqavnein diovti Id.
II. = o{ti , that, Id., Dem.

Diotrefhv", Diotrevfh"

Dio-trefhv" , ev" , ( trevfw ) cherished by Zeus, of kings and nobles, Hom.


diourivzw , Ion. for diorivzw .


di-oceteuvomai , Pass. to be watered by canals ( ojcetoiv ), Strab.


di-oclevw , f. hvsw , to trouble or annoy exceedingly, Dem.

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