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2. to thrust through, Plut.
II. Med. to push asunder for oneself, force ones way through, break through, c. acc ., Hdt. , Xen.
2. to push from oneself, push one another away, of seamen keeping ships from collision, Thuc. :— to drive back, repel, repulse, Hdt ., Eur. :— absol. to get rid of danger, Hdt.

3. to reject, Lat. respuere , Id., Thuc. :— absol. to refuse, Hdt.


di-wqismov" , oJ , a pushing about, a scuffle, Plat.


diwkaqei`n »a±1/4 , aor. 2 inf. of diwvkw , cf. ajmunaqei`n .


diwktevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of diwvkw , to be pursued, Hdt ., Ar.

II. diwktevon , one must pursue, Plat.


diwkthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( diwvkw ) a pursuer, Babr .:— diwvkth" , ou, oJ , N.T.


diwvkw , Ep. inf. diwkevmenai, -evmen : f. xw and -xomai : aor. I ejdivwxa : aor. 2 ejdiwvka±qon , inf. diwkaqei`n :— Pass. , f. diwcqhvsomai and in med. form diwvxomai : aor. I ejdiwvcqhn : pf. dedivwgmai : ( divw II ):— to pursue a person, to chase, hunt, Il., etc. :—so in Med. , diwvkesqaiv tina pedivoio to chase one over or across the plain, Hom. :— to be a follower of a person, attach oneself to him, Xen.

2. to pursue an object, seek after, Od., etc. ; d. ta; sumbavnta to follow or wait for the event, Dem.
II. to drive or chase away, banish, Od., Hdt.
III. of the wind, to drive a ship, of rowers, to impel, speed on her way, Od.; of a chariot, to drive, Orac. ap. Hdt. ; d. povda to urge on, Aesch .:—then, intr. to drive, drive on, Il.: to gallop, speed, run, Aesch.

IV. as law-term, to prosecute, bring an action against a man, oJ diwvkwn the prosecutor ( opp. to oJ feuvgwn the defendant), Hdt. , etc. ; oJ diwvkwn tou` yhfivsmato" he who impeaches the words of the decree, Dem. ; c. gen. poenae, qanavtou or peri; qanavtou d. tinav , Lat. capitis accusare , Xen .: but c. gen. criminis, to accuse of, to prosecute for, d. tina; turannivdo" Hdt .; deiliva" Ar .; fovnou Plat .; but, fovnontino;" d . to avenge anothers murder, Eur.


di-wlevnio" , on , ( wjlevnh ) with out-stretched arms, Anth.


diwluvgio" , a, on , far-sounding, enormous, immense, Plat. (Deriv. unknown.)


di-wvmosa , aor. I of diovmnumi .


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