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3. dokw` moi in Att. , just like dokei` moi , as Lat. videor mihi for videtur mihi, I seem to myself, methinks, c. inf ., Hdt. , etc. ; also, I am determined, resolved, c. inf ., Ar.

4. c. inf ., also, to seem or pretend to be doing, Lat. simulo , or with a negat. to seem or pretend not to be doing, Lat. dissimulo ; h[kousav tou levgonto", ouj dokw`n kluvein Eur.

II. = videor, to seem to one, dokevei" dev moi oujk ajpinuvssein Od., etc.
2. absol. to seem, as opp. to reality, ouj dokei`n, ajllÆ ei\nai qevlei Aesch.
3. to seem good, Lat. placere , eij dokei` soi tau`ta Id.
4. impers ., dokei`moi much in the same sense as dokw` moi (supr. 1. 3), it seems to me, meseems, methinks, w{" moi dokei` ei\nai a[rista Il., etc. :—in decrees and the like, e[doxe th`/ boulh`/ , placuit senatui, Ar ., Thuc. , etc. ; to; dovxan the decree, Hdt .; ta; dovxanta Soph .; para; to; dokou`n hJmi`n Thuc. :—so in Pass. , devdoktai , Lat. visum est , Hdt ., Trag. , etc.
b. acc. absol. dovxan , when it was decreed or resolved, dovxan aujtoi`" w{ste dianaumacei`n (i.e. o{te e[doxen aujtoi`" ) Thuc. ; so, dedogmevnon aujtoi`" Id.

5. to be thought or reputed so and so, a[xioi dokou`nte" Id.; oiJ dokou`nte" ei\naiv ti men who are held to be something, men of repute, Plat .; so oiJ dokou`nte" alone, Eur. ; ta; dokou`nta , opp. to ta; mhde;n o[nta , Id.; also in Pass. , oiJ dedogmevnoi ajndrovfonoi those who have been found guilty of homicide, Dem.


dokhv , hJ , ( dokevw ) = dovkhsi" , a vision, fancy, Aesch.


dovkhma , ato", tov , ( dokevw ) a vision, fancy, Eur .; oiJ dokhvmasin sofoiv the wise in appearance, Id.

2. opinion, expectation, Id.


dovkhsi" , ew", hJ , ( dokevw ) an opinion, belief, conceit, fancy, Hdt ., Soph. ; d. ajgnw;" lovgwn h\lqe a vague suspicion was thrown out, Id.

2. an apparition, phantom, Eur.
II. good report, credit, Id., Thuc.


dokhsiv-sofo" , on , wise in ones own conceit, Ar.


dokimavzw , f. avsw , ( dovkimo" ) to assay or test metals, to see if they be pure, Isocr. , etc.

II. of persons, to put to the test, make trial of, scrutinise, Hdt ., Thuc. :—then, to approve, Id., Plat. , etc. ; c. inf ., ejkponei`n ejdokivmaze he approved of their working, Xen.

III. at Athens, to approve as fit for an office, and in Pass. to be approved as fit, Plat ., etc. ; c. inf ., iJppeuvein dedokimasmevno" Xen.

2. to examine and admit boys to the class of e[fhboi or e[fhboi to the rights of manhood; and in Pass. to be so admitted, Ar ., etc. ; e{w" ajnh;r ei\nai dokimasqeivhn Dem.

IV. c. inf. to think fit to do, or with negat. to refuse to do, N.T. Hence dokimasiva


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