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drivo" , tov , a copse, wood, thicket, drivo" u{lh" copse- wood, Od.; drivo" uJlh`en Anth .:—in pl. driva, tav , (as if from drivon ), Hes. , Soph. , Eur. (From same Root as dru`" .)


droivth , hJ , a bath, Aesch. (Deriv. unknown.)


dromai`o" , a, on and o", on , ( drovmo" ) running at full speed, swift, fleet, Soph ., Eur. ; dr. kavmhlo" a dromedary, Plut.


dromav" , avdo", oJ, hJ , ( dramei`n ) running, Eur .; a[mpux dr . the whirling wheel, Soph. ; also with a neut. Noun, Eur.

2. like foitav" , wildly roaming, frantic, Id.


dromavw , Frequent. of dra±mei`n , to run, only in pf. dedrovmhka , Aeol. -a<Eth>ka , Sapph., Babr.


dromeuv" , evw", oJ , ( dramei`n ) a runner, Eur ., Ar.


drovmhma , tov , v. dravmhma .


dromikov" , hv, ovn , ( dramei`n ) good at running, swift, fleet, Plat .; ta; dromika; tou` pentavqlou the race, Xen.


dromo-kh`rux , u<Eth>ko", oJ , a runner, postman, Aeschin.


drovmo" , oJ , ( dramei`n ) a course, running, race, Hom. ( v. teivnw ); oujrivw/ drovmw/ in straight course, Soph. :—of any quick movement, e.g. flight, Aesch .:—of time, hJmevrh" dr . a days running, i.e. the distance one can go in a day, Hdt. :— drovmw/ at a run, Id., Att.

2. the footrace: —proverb., peri; tou` panto;" drovmon qei`n to run for ones all, Hdt. ; to;n peri; yuch`" drovmon dramei`n Ar.

3. the length of the stadium, a course or heat in a race, Soph.
II. a place for running, a run for cattle, Od.
2. a race-course, Hdt .: a public walk, Lat. ambulatio , Eur ., Plat. :—proverb., e[xw drovmou or ejkto;" drovmou fevresqai , Lat. extra oleas vagari , to get off the course, i.e. wander from the point, Aesch. , Plat. ; ejk drovmou pesei`n Aesch.


droserov" , av, ovn , ( drovso" ) dewy, watery, Eur ., Ar.

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