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3. of words, to signify, mean, Lat. valere , Id., etc. ; i[son duvnatai , Lat. idem valet , Id.; th;n aujth;n duvnasqai douleivan to mean the same slavery, Thuc. :—also to avail, oujdevna kairo;n duvnatai avails to no good purpose, Eur.

III. impers ., ouj duvnatai , c. inf ., it cannot be, is not to be, Hdt. Hence duvnami"


duvna±mi" »uØ1/4, hJ , gen. ew" , Ion. io" , Ion. dat. dunavmi , power, might, strength, Hom .: then, generally, strength, power, ability to do a thing, Id.; para; duvnamin beyond ones strength, Thuc .; uJpe;r d . Dem. ; kata; d . as far as lies in one, Lat. pro virili , Hdt.

2. power, might, authority, Aesch ., etc.
3. a force for war, forces, Xen.
4. a quantity, t Lat. vis , crhmavtwn d . Hdt. , etc.
II. a power, faculty, capacity, aiJ tou` swvmato" dunavmei" Plat ., etc. ; also of plants, etc. , Xen.
III. the force or meaning of a word, Plat. , etc.
2. the worth or value of money, Thuc. Hence dunamovw


duØna±movw , f. wvsw , to strengthen: Pass ., N.T.


duvna±si" »uØ1/4, ew", hJ , poët. for duvnami" , Soph. , Eur.


duØnasteiva , hJ , power, lordship, sovereignty, Soph ., Thuc. , etc.

II. an oligarchy, Id., Xen. From dunasteuvw


duØnasteuvw , f. sw , to hold power or lordship, be powerful, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. From dunavsth"


duØnavsth" , ou, oJ , ( duvnamai ) a lord, master, ruler, of Zeus, Soph. ; oiJ d ., Lat. optimates , Hdt .: in Aesch. , the stars are lamproi; duvnastai . Hence dunastikov"


dunastikov" , hv, ovn , arbitrary, Arist.


duØna±tevw , f. hvsw , ( dunatov" ) to be powerful, mighty, N.T.


duØnavth" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , poët. for dunavsth" , Aesch.


duØna±tov" , hv, ovn , and o", on , ( duvnamai ) strong, mighty, able, esp. in body, to; dunatwvtaton the ablest-bodied men, Hdt .:—of ships, fit for service, Thuc.

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