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II. ill-disposed, malignant, Aesch ., Eur.
III. = a[frwn , insensate, Aesch ., Soph.


du"-fuvlakto" , on , hard to keep off or prevent, Eur.


du"-ceivmero" , on , ( cei`ma ) suffering from hard winters, very wintry, freezing, Il., Hdt. , Aesch.


du"-ceivrwma , ato", tov , a thing hard to be subdued, a hard conquest, Soph.


du"-ceivrwto" , on , ( ceirovw ) hard to subdue, Hdt ., Dem.


dusceraivnw , f. -a±nw` : aor. I ejduscevra<Eth>na : ( duscerhv" ):— to be unable to endure a thing, bear with an ill grace, Lat. aegre ferre , c. acc ., Plat. ; c. acc. et part. to be annoyed at his doing, Aeschin.

2. intr. to feel annoyance, to be discontented, displeased, vexed, tinov" for or because of a thing, Plat. , etc. ; tiniv at a thing, Dem. :— Pass. to be hateful, Plut.

3. c. inf. to scorn to do a thing, Plat.
II. Causal, to cause vexation, rJhvmata tevryanta h] dusceravnantÆ Soph.
III. d. ejn toi`" lovgoi" to make difficulties in argument, to be captious, Plat.


duscevreia , hJ , of things, annoyance or disgust caused by a thing, Soph.

2. difficulty in doing a thing, Plat.
II. of persons, peevishness, ill temper: loathing, nausea, Id., Theophr. From duscerhv"


du"-cerhv" , ev" , ( ceivr ) hard to take in hand or manage, of things, annoying, vexatious, discomfortable, Trag. : to; duscerev" , = duscevreia , Eur. ; duscere;" poiei`sqaiv ti , Lat. aegre ferre , Thuc .; ta; duscerh` difficulties, Dem.

2. of arguments, contradictory, captious, Plat ., etc.
II. of persons, ill tempered, unfriendly, hateful, tini to one, Soph. , Eur. , etc. ; d. periv ti fastidious, Plat.

III. Adv ., duscerw`" e[cein to be annoyed, Id.


duv"-ciØmo" , on , ( cei`ma , cf. melavgcimo" ) wintry, troublesome, dangerous, fearful, Lat. horridus , Trag.


du"-clainiva , hJ , ( clai`na ) mean clothing, Eur.


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