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dexiv-mhlo" , on , ( mh`lon ) receiving sheep, i.e. rich in sacrifices, Eur.


dexio-lavbo" , oJ , ( lambavnw ) a spearman: in pl. guards, N.T .: others dexio-bovloi , javelin-men.


dexiovomai , Ep. 3 pl. dexiovwntai as if from dexiavomai : f. -wvsomai : aor. I ejdexiwsavmhn : Dep. : ( dexiav
):— to greet with the right hand, welcome, greet ( cf. deivknumi II ), c. acc. pers., Ar. , Xen. ; c. dat. pers., dexiou`sqai qeoi`" to raise ones right hand to the gods, pay honour to them, Aesch. ; c. acc. rei, a[mustin dexiouvmenoi pledging one in a bumper, Eur. :— Plat. has aor. I dexiwqh`nai in pass. sense.


dexiov" , av, ovn , ( devcomai ) on the right hand or side, Lat. dexter , opp. to ajristerov" , Hom. , etc. ; to; d . ( sc. kevra" ) the right of an army, Xen. :—adverb. usages, ejpi; dexiav on the right, Il.; ejpi; dexiovfin ( Ep. gen. ) towards the right, Ib.; pro;" dexiav Hdt.

II. fortunate, boding good, of the flight of birds, dexio;" o[rni" , = ai[sio" , Hom. —This sense came from the Greek augurs looking to the North, so that lucky omens, which came from the East, were on the right, while the unlucky ones from the West were on the left.

III. metaph. dexterous, ready, opp. to skaiov" (sinister, French gauche); and of the mind, sharp, shrewd, clever, Ar ., Thuc. , etc. :— Adv. , dexiw`" ; Sup. dexiwvtata , Ar.


dexiov-seiro" , oJ , harnessed by a trace on the right side, of a third horse which was outside the regular pair:—hence, generally, spirited, impetuous, Soph.


dexiovth" , hto", hJ , ( dexiov" ) dexterity, cleverness, Hdt ., Ar. ; opp. to ajmaqiva , Thuc.


dexiovfin , Ep. gen. of dexiov" .


dexiovw , only used as Dep. dexiovomai , q.v.


dexiv-puØro" , on , ( pu`r ) receiving fire, Eur.


dexiterov" , hv, ovn , poët. form of dexiov" , right, theright, Hom .: dexiterhv , like dexiva ( sub. ceivr ), the right hand, Il.; Ep. dat. dexiterh`/fi Ib.


dexivwma , ato", tov , ( dexiovomai ) = dexivwsi" , a pledge of friendship, Soph.

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