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deu`ro , strengthd. in Att. deuriv : Adv. :

I. of Place, hither, Lat. huc , with Verbs of motion, Hom. , etc. ; in a pregn. sense with Verbs of Rest, to (have come hither and) be here, pavresti deu`ro Soph.

2. used in calling to one, here! on ! come on! Lat. adesdum , a[ge deu`ro, deu`rÆ a[ge, deu`rÆ i[qi, deu`rÆ i[tw always with a Verb sing. ( deu`te being used with pl. ), Hom. ; but with a pl. in Trag.

3. in arguments, mevcri d. tou` lovgou up to this point of the argument, Plat.
II. of Time, until now, up to this time, hitherto, Trag ., Plat. : also, deu`rÆ ajeiv Eur. (Deriv. unknown.)


Deuv" , Aeol. for Zeuv" .


deuso-poiov" , ovn , ( deuvw, poievw ) deeply dyed, ingrained, fast, of colours, Plat. , Luc.


deuvtato" , h, on , Sup. of deuvtero" , the last, Il.


deu`te , Adv. , as pl. of deu`ro , hither! come on! come here! just like deu`ro , with pl. imperat ., deu`tÆ a[getÆ
Il.; deu`te fivloi Ib.; deu`tÆ a[ge, Faihvkwn hJghvtore" Od.


deuter-a±gwnisthv" , ou`, oJ , the actor who takes secondclass parts: metaph. one who seconds a speaker, Dem.


deuterai`o" , a, on , ( deuvtero" ) on the second day, agreeing with the subject of the Verb, deuterai`o" h\n ejn Spavrth/ Hdt .; but also, th`/ deuteraivh/ [ sc. hJmevra/1/4 Id.


deuterei`a ( sc. a\qla ) , tav , the second prize in a contest; hence the second place or rank, d. nevmein tiniv Hdt.


deutereuvw , f. sw , ( deuvtero" ) to be second: deut. tiniv to play second to. . , Plut.


deuterov-prwton savbbaton, tov , the first sabbath after the second day of the feast of unleavened bread, or the first sabbath of the second year (i.e. of the year after the sabbatical year), N.T.


deuvtero" , a, on , second, being Comp. of duvo :

I. in point of Order, of one who comes in second in a race, Il.: in Att. with Art., oJ deuvtero" Soph ., etc. ;

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