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Aeol. form deuvw ( v. deuvw B) shews that the Root of this word was DE ü .)


dhv , Particle used to give greater exactness, to the word or words which it influences (prob. a shortened form of h[dh , Lat. jam ) now, in truth, indeed, surely, really.

I. Usage of dhv with single words:
1. after Adjectives, oi\o" dhv, movno" dhv , all alone, Od., etc. ; esp. such as imply magnitude, mevga" dhv, mikro;" dhv , etc. ; often with Superlatives, mevgisto" dhv, kravtisto" dhv quite the greatest, confessedly the best, Thuc. ; so with Numerals, o[ktw dh; proevhka oji>stouv" I have shot full eight arrows, Il.; ei|" dhv one only, Eur ., etc.

2. after Adverbs, pollavki" dhv many times and oft, often ere now, Lat. jam saepe , Il.; ojye; de; dhv quite late, Ib.; nu`n dhv even now, now first, now at length, Xen ., etc. :— tovte dhv at that very time, Thuc. ; aujtivka dh; mavla on the very spot, Plat. ; also, nai; dhv yea verily, Il.; ouj dhv surely not, Soph.

3. with Verbs, dh; ga;r i[don ojfqalmoi`si for verily I saw him, Il.
4. with Substantives, ej" dh; to; [Argo" tou`to . . well to this A. they came, Hdt. ; tevlo" dhv its complete

end, Aesch. ; ironically, Lat. scilicet , eijshvgage ta;" eJtairivda" dhv the pretended courtesans, Xen.

5. with Pronouns, to mark strongly, ejme; dhv a man like me, Hdt .; su; dhv you of all persons, Id.; ou|to" dhv this and no other, Id.; o{" dhv who plainly, Il.:—with indef. Pronouns, a[lloi dhv others be they who they may, Ib.; dhv ti" some one or other, Lat. nescio quis , Plat .; dhv ti in any way, whatever it be, Il., Hdt.

II. in reference to whole clauses:
1. to continue a narrative, so then, so, tovte me;n dh; hJsucivhn ei\ce Hdt .; in summing up, toiau`ta me;n dh; tau`ta , Lat. haec hactenus , Aesch.

2. in inferences, Hdt. , etc. ; esp. to express what is unexpected, kai; su; dhv so then you too! Aesch.
3. with Imper. and Subj., ejnnoei`te ga;r dhv for do but consider, Xen. ; so, a[ge dhv, fevre dhv, i[qi dhv, skovpei dhv , etc.

4. ge dhv to express what follows a fortiori, meta; o{plwn ge dhv above all with arms, Thuc. ; mhv tiv ge dhv not to mention that, Dem.

5. kai; dhv and what is more, Il.: so, ej" Ai[gupton ajpivketo, kai; dh; kai; ej" Savrdi" he came to Egypt, and what is more to Sardis also, Hdt. ; ijscu;" kai; kavllo" kai; plou`to" dhv and above all riches, Plat.
b. kai; dhv is also in answers, blevyon kavtw . Answ. kai; dh; blevpw , well, I am looking, Ar.
c. in assumptions, kai; dh; devdegmai and now suppose I have accepted, Aesch.


dh/avlwto" , on , contr. for dhi>avlwto" .


dh`gma , ato", tov , ( davknw ) a bite, sting, Xen .: metaph. , d. luvph" Aesch.


dhgmov" , oJ , ( davknw ) the act of biting: in pl. caustics, Plut.


dhqav , Ep. Adv ., = dhvn , for a long time, Lat. diu , Hom.

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