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dh`qen , Adv. , a strengthd. form of dhv , really, in very truth, tiv dh; ajndrwqevnte" dh`qen poihvsousi ; what then will they do when they are really grown up? Hdt. :—also epexegetic, Lat. videlicet , that is to say, Aesch. , Eur. :—ironically, Lat. scilicet , to imply that a statement is not true, oi{ min hjqevlhsan ajpolevsai dh`qen as he pretended, Hdt .; fevronte" wJ" a[grhn dh`qen Id.


dhquvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , f. uØnw` , ( dhqav ) to tarry, be long, delay, Il.


dhi>-avlwto" , on , ( dhvi>o", aJlw`nai ) taken by the enemy, captive, Eur .; contr. dh/avlwto" Aesch.


Dhi>-avneira , hJ , ( dhvi>o", ajnhvr ) destroying her spouse, the wife of Hercules,—her name expressing the legend of his death, Soph.


dhvi>o" , h, on , Ep. and Ion. for davi>o" . Hence dhi>othv"


dhi>othv" , h`to", hJ , battle-strife, battle, death, Hom.


dhi>ovw , Ep. 3 pl. opt. dhi>ovw/en , part. dhi>ovwn ; Att. pres. dh/w` , dh/ou`men, -ou`te : impf. ejdhv/oun , Ion. ejdhi?oun or ejdhv/eun , Ep. dhv/oun : f. dh/wvsw : aor. I ejdhv/wsa :— Pass. , aor. I ejdhi>wvqhn : pf. dedhv/wmai : ( dhvi>o"
):— to cutdown, slay, Il.: to cleave asunder, Ib.; savage beast, to rend, tear, Ib.; to;n pwvgwna dedh/wmevno" having had his beard cut off, Luc.

II. to waste or ravage a country, Hdt. , Thuc. ; a[stu dh/wvsein puriv Soph.


dhkthvrio" , on , ( davknw ) biting, torturing, c. gen ., Eur.


dhvkth" , ou, oJ , ( davknw ) a biter, Anth.


dhktikov" , hv, ovn , ( davknw ) able to bite, biting, stinging, Luc.


dhladhv or dh`la dhv , Adv. quite clearly, manifestly, Soph ., Eur. , etc. :—also iron., profavsio" th`sde dhladhv on this pretext forsooth, Hdt .:—in answers, yes of course, Ar.


dhlevomai , Dor. da<Eth>l- : f. hvsomai : aor. I ejdhlhsavmhn : pf. dedhvlhmai both in act. and pass. sense: Dep. :

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