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I. of persons, to hurt, do a mischief to, Hom .; mhv me dhlhvsetai ( Ep. for -htai ) Od.; so in Hdt. ; to hurt by magic potions, Theocr.

II. of things, to damage, spoil, waste, karpo;n ejdhlhvsantÆ Il.; gh`n dhlhsavmeno" Hdt .: —esp. in phrase, o{rkia dhlhvsasqai to violate a truce, Il.

2. absol. to do mischief, be hurtful, Hom. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence dhvlhma


dhvlhma , ato", tov , a mischief, bane, Od., Soph. ; and


dhlhvmwn , on , gen. ono" , baneful, noxious, brotw`n dhlhvmona baneful to them, Od.; ajnqrwvpwn ouj dhlhvmone" doing men no hurt, Hdt.


dhlhvsetai , Ep. for -htai , 3 sing. aor. I of dhlevomai .


dhvlhsi" , ew", hJ , ( dhlevomai ) mischief, ruin, bane, Hdt.


dhlhthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( dhlevomai ) a destroyer, Ep. Hom.


Dhvlio" , a, on and o", on , ( Dh`lo" ) Delian, Trag . ,etc .: — oJ D ., name of Apollo, Soph. , etc. :— Dhvlio" , oJ , a Delian, Hdt ., etc. : fem. Dhliav" , avdo", hJ , a Delian woman, h. Hom. , Eur.

II. Dhliav" ( sc. nau`" ), the Delian ship, sent from Athens every fourth year in memory of Theseus, Plat.
III. ta; Dhvlia ( sc. iJerav ) the quinquennial festival of Apollo at Delos, Thuc.


Dhlo-genhv" , ev" , ( giv-gnomai ) Delos-born, Simon.


dhvlomai , Dor. for bouvlomai , Theocr.


dhlon-ovti , i.e. dh`lovn »ejstin1/4 o{ti , used parenthetically, quite clearly, manifestly, plainly, Plat ., etc.

II. epexegetically, that is to say, namely, Lat. scilicet , Id., Xen.


dhlo-poievw , f. hvsw , to make clear, Plut.


Dh`lo" , hJ , Delos, one of the Cyclades, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, Od.; called also jOrtugiva . (Prob. from dh`lo" , because of the legend that it became visible by rising from the sea.)

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