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dhmivdion »iØd1/4, tov , Comic Dim. of dh`mo" , Ar.


dhmivzw , f. sw , ( dh`mo" ) to affect popularity, cheat the people, Ar.


dhmio-ergov" , ovn , poët. for dhmiourgov" .


dhmio-plhqhv" , ev" , ( plhvqw ) abounding in public, kthvnh d . cattle of which the people have large store, Aesch.


dhmiov-pra<Eth>ta , tav , ( pra<Eth>tov" ) goods sold by public authority: confiscated goods, Ar.


dhvmio" , on , and a, on , Dor. davmio" : ( dh`mo" ):— belonging to the people, public, Od.; aijsumnh`tai d . judges elected by the people, Ib.; neut. pl. as Adv. , dhvmia pivnein at the public cost, Il.

II. oJ dhvmio" ( sc. dou`lo" ), the public executioner, Plat ., etc.


dhmiourgevw , f. hvsw , ( dhmiourgov" ) to practise a trade, do work, Plat.

2. c. acc. rei, to work at, fabricate, Id.
II. to be one of the dhmiourgoiv (II), Id.


dhmiourgiva , hJ , a making, creating, Plat.

2. workmanship, handicraft, Id.; d. tw`n tecnw`n practising them, Id.


dhmiourgikov" , hv, ovn , of or for a dhmiourgov" or handicraftsman, Plat. From dhmiourgov"


dhmi-ourgov" , Ep. dhmio-ergov" , oJ :( * e[rgw ):— one who works for the people, a skilled workman, handicraftsman, Od., etc. ; of medical practitioners, Plat .; of sculptors, Id.:—generally, a framer, maker; lovgwn Aeschin .; peiqou`" dhmiourgo;" hJ rJhtorikhv Plat .: metaph. , o[rqro" dhmioergov" morn that calls man to work, h. Hom.

2. the Maker of the world, Xen ., Plat.
II. in some Peloponnesian states, the name of a magistrate, Thuc ., Dem.


dhmo-bovro" , on , ( bi-brwvskw ) devourer of the people, Il.


dhmo-gevrwn , onto", oJ , an elder of the people, chief, Il.: dhmog. qeov" , = Lat. deus minorum gentium ,

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