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III. Causal, through, by
1. of the Agent, diÆ ajggevlwn by the mouth of messengers, Hdt. ; diÆ eJrmhnevw" levgein Xen.
2. of the Instrument or Means, dia; ceirw`n Soph .; dia; ceiro;" e[cein in hand, Id.
3. of the Manner or Way, paivw diÆ ojrgh`" through passion, in passion, Soph. ; dia; spoudh`" in haste, hastily, Eur.

IV. to express conditions or states, diÆ hJsucivh" ei\nai to be in a state of quiet, to be tranquil, Hdt. ; dia; polevmou ijevnai tiniv to be at war with one, Xen. ; diÆ ajpecqeiva" ejlqei`n tini to be hated by him, Aesch. ; diÆ oi[ktou e[cein tinav to feel pity for one, Eur. , etc.

I. of Place, in same sense as diav c. gen .:
1. through, e}x dia; ptuvca" h\lqe calkov" Il.
2. throughout, over, w[/keon diÆ a[kria" Od.; diÆ aijqevra Soph.
II. of Time, dia; nuvkta Il.; dia; u{pnon during sleep, Mosch.
III. Causal:
1. of Persons, through, by aid of, by means of, nikh`sai dia; jAqhvnhn Od.; diav se by thy fault or service, Soph. : through, by reason of, aujto;" diÆ auJtovn for his own sake, Plat .; dia; th;n ejkeivnou mevllhsin Thuc.

2. of things, which express the Cause, Reason, or Purpose, diÆ ejmh;n ijovthta because of my will, Il.; diÆ ajcqhdovna for the sake of vexing, Thuc. ; dia; tou`to, dia; tau`ta therefore; etc.

C. W ITHOUT CASE as Adv. throughout, Hom.
I. through, right through, as in diabaivnw .
II. in different directions, as in diapevmpw :—of separation, asunder, as in Lat. dis- , as in diaskedavnnumi :— at variance, as in diafwnevw ; or of mutual relation, one with another, as in diagwnivzomai, diav/dw .

III. of preëminence, as in diaprevpw, diafevrw .
IV. completion, to the end, utterly, as in diamavcomai ( cf. Lat. decertare ).
V. to add strength, throughly, out and out, as in diagalhnivzw .
VI. of mixture, between, partly, as in diavleuko" .


di`a , hJ , fem. of di`o" .

II. Diva , acc. of Zeuv" .


dia-ba±divzw , f. -iou`mai , to go across, Thuc.

2. to walk to and fro, Luc.


dia-bavqra , hJ , ( baivnw ) a ships ladder, Luc.


dia-baivnw , f. -bhvsomai : aor. 2 -evbhn : pf. -bevbhka :

I. to make a stride, walk or stand with the legs apart, eu\ diabav" of a man planting himself firmly for fighting, Il.

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