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II. c. acc. to step across, pass over a ditch or river, Ib.
2. absol. ( qavlassan or potamovn being omitted), to cross over, Lat. trajicere , ej" [Hlida Od.; ploivw/ diabh`nai Hdt ., etc.


dia-bavllw , f. -ba±lw` : pf. -bevblhka :— to throw over or across, to carry over or across, neva" Hdt .: hence,

2. seemingly intr. , like Lat. trajicere , to pass over, cross, pass, Id.: also c. acc ., d. gefuvra" Eur .; pevlago" Thuc.

II. to set at variance, make a quarrel between, ejme; kai; jAgavqwna Plat .: —Pass. to be at variance with, tiniv Id.

III. to traduce, slander, calumniate, Hdt ., etc. ; dievbalon tou;s [Iwna" wJ" . . traduced them saying that. . , Id.:— Pass. , diabavllesqaiv tini to be filled with suspicion against another, Id.; prov" tina Id.; e[" tina Thuc.

2. c. acc. rei, to misrepresent a thing, to state slanderously, Hdt ., Dem. : to give hostile information, without insinuation of falsehood, Thuc.

IV. to deceive by false accounts, impose upon, tinav Hdt .:—so in Med. , Id.:— Pass. , diabeblh`sqai wJ" . . to be slanderously told that. . , Plat.


dia-baptivzomai , f. ivsomai , Dep. to dive for a match: metaph. to contend in foul language with, tini Dem.


dia-bav" , aor. 2 part. of diabaivnw .


diav-ba±si" , ew", hJ , ( diabaivnw ) a crossing over, passage, d. poiei`sqai Hdt.

2. a means or place of crossing, Id.: d. potamou` a ford, Thuc .: a bridge, Xen.


dia-bavskw , = diabaivnw , to strut about, Ar.


dia-bastavzw , to weigh in the hand, estimate, Plut.


diaba±tevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of diabaivnw , that can be crossed or passed through, Xen.


diabathvria ( sc. iJerav ) , tav , offerings before crossing the border, ta; d. proujcwvrei, ta; d. ejgevneto they were favourable, Thuc. , Xen.


diaba±tov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of diabaivnw , to be crossed or passed, fordable, Hdt ., etc. ; nh`son d. ejx

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