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di-avggelo" , oJ , a messenger, Lat. internuncius , esp. a secret informant, go-between, spy, Thuc.


dia-gelavw , f. avsomai »a±1/4 , to laugh at, tina Eur ., Xen.


dia-givgnomai , Ion. and in late Gr. -givnomai : f. -genhvsomai : Dep. :— to go through, pass, tovsade e[th Plat. ; th;n nuvkta Xen .: absol. to go through life, survive, live, Ar ., etc. ; c. part ., diagivgnesqai a[rcwn to continue in the government, Xen. ; oujde;n a[llo poiw`n diagegevnhtai he never did anything else, Id.

II. to be between, intervene, ap. Dem.


dia-gignwvskw , Ion. and in late Gr. -gi<Eth>nwvskw : f. -gnwvsomai : aor. 2 -evgnwn :— to distinguish, discern, Lat. dignoscere , diagnw`nai a[ndra e{kaston Il.; d. eij oJmoi`oiv eijsi whether they are equals or no, Hdt. ;
d. to; ojrqo;n kai; mhv Aeschin .:— d. tina;" o[nta" , i.e. d. oi{tinev" eijsin , Ar.
2. to discern exactly, ti Soph.
II. to resolve, vote to do so and so, c. inf ., Hdt. :— Pass. , impers. dievgnwsto it had been resolved, Thuc.

2. as Athen. law-term, to decide a suit, Lat. dijudicare , divkhn Aesch .:— to give judgment, periv tino" Thuc.


di-agkuØlivzomai , Dep. ( ajgkuvlh ) to hold a javelin by the thong: Pass. , pf. part. pass. dihgkulismevno" , of a man, ready to shoot, Xen .:—so (from di-agkulovomai ), dihgkulwmevno" Id.


dia-glavfw »a±1/4 , f. yw , to scoop out, Od.


diavglupto" , on , carved in intaglio, engraved, Anth.


dia-gluvfw »uØ1/4 , f. yw , to carve in intaglio, Diod.


diagnwvmh , hJ , ( diagignwvskw ) a decree, resolution, Thuc.


dia-gnwrivzw , f. Att. iw` , to make known, N.T.


diavgnwsi" , ew", hJ , ( diagignwvskw ) a distinguishing, discernment, Eur ., Dem.

2. power of discernment, Eur.

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