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dia-krinqhvmenai , Ep. for -h`nai , aor. I pass. inf. of diakrivnw .


dia-krivnw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. -kriØnw` , to separate one from another, Il.: to part combatants, and in Pass. to be parted, Hom. ; so in f. med. diakriØnevesqai , Od.; also, diakriqh`nai ajpÆ ajllhvlwn Thuc .; diakrivnesqai prov" . . to part and join different parties, Id.

2. Pass. to be dissolved into elemental parts, Plat.
II. to distinguish, Lat. discernere , to; sh`ma Od.; oujdevna diakrivnwn making no distinction of persons, Hdt. :— Pass. , diekevkrito oujdevn no distinction was made, Thuc.

III. to settle, decide, of judges, Hdt. , Theocr. :— Med. , nei`ko" d . to get it decided, Hes .: —Pass. to come to a decision, Il.; periv tino" Plat .:— to contend with one, tini N.T .; mavch/ diakrinqh`nai prov" tina Hdt.

IV. Pass. to doubt, hesitate, H. T.


Di-avkrioi , oiJ , ( a[kra ) the Mountaineers, one of the three Attic parties after Solon, Ar.


diavkriØsi" , ew", hJ , ( diakrivnw ) separation, dissolution, Emped.

II. a decision, judgment, Xen.


diakritevon or -eva , verb. Adj. of diakrivnw , one must decide, Thuc.


diavkriØto" , on , ( diakrivnw ) separated: choice, excellent, Theocr.


diavkrousi" , ew", hJ , a putting off, Dem. From diakrouvw


dia-krouvw , f. sw , to prove by knocking or ringing, as one does an earthen vessel, Plat.

II. in Med. to drive from oneself, get rid of, elude, tina or ti Hdt ., Dem. : to evade his creditor by delays, of a debtor, Id.: absol. to practise evasions, Id.:— Pass. , diakrousqh`nai th`" timwriva" to escape from punishment, Id.


diaktoriva , the office of a diavktoro" , service, Anth.


diavktoro" , oJ , epith. of Hermes, the Messenger or Minister of Zeus, Hom. (Perh. akin to diavkono" .)


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