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di-amartavnw , f. -amarthvsomai : aor. 2 -hvmarton :— to go astray from, th`" oJdou` Thuc .: to fail of obtaining, tinov" Id., Dem.

2. absol. to fail utterly, Plat.


di-amartiva , hJ , a total mistake, Plut .; d. tw`n hJmerw`n a wrong reckoning of the days, Thuc.


dia-martuØrevw , f. hvsw , as Att. law-term, to use a diamarturiva ( q.v. ), Dem.

2. c. inf. to affirm by a diamarturiva that a thing is, c. acc. et inf. , Id.: Pass. , ta; diamarturhqevnta things so affirmed, Isocr.


dia-martuØriva , hJ , as Att. law-term, evidence given to prevent a case from coming to trial, Dem. , etc.


dia-martuvromai »u<Eth>1/4 , Dep. to protest solemnly, Lat. obtestari , Dem .; d. mhv . . , c. inf ., Id.:— d. tini mh; poiei`n to protest against his doing, Aeschin.

2. generally, to protest, asseverate, Plat.
3. absol. to beg earnestly, conjure, Xen.


dia-mavssw , Att. -ttw , f. -xw , to knead thoroughly, knead well, Ar.


dia-masti<Eth>govw , f. wvsw , to scourge severely, Plat.


dia-mastropeuvw , f. sw , to pander, d. th;n hJgemonivan gavmoi" to bargain away the empire by a marriage, Plut.


diama±chtevon or -etevon , verb. Adj. one must deny absolutely, Plat. From diamavcomai


dia-mavcomai »ma<Eth>1/4 , f. -macevsomai , Dep. to fight or strive with, struggle against, tini or prov" tini Hdt. , etc. ; prov" ti Dem .; d. mh; metagnw`nai uJma`" I resist to the uttermost your change of opinion, Thuc. ; d. to; mh; qanei`n Eur.

2. to fight one with another, Id.
3. to fight it out, contend obstinately, Lat. depugnare , Ar.
4. to exert oneself greatly, o{pw" ti gevnhtai Plat.
5. in argument, to contend or maintain that. . , d. ti mh; ei\nai Thuc .; or without mhv , Plat.

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