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purpose to do, c. inf ., Hdt. , etc.

II. to think over or of, Lat. meditari , ti Id.: c. acc. et inf. to think or suppose that, Plat.
III. with Adv. to be minded or disposed so and so, kalw`", kakw`" d . Id. Hence dianovhma


dianovhma , ato", tov , a thought, notion, Plat .; and


dianohtikov" , hv, ovn , of or for thinking, intellectual, Plat ., Arist. ; and diavnoia


diavnoia± , hJ , a thought, intention, purpose, Hdt ., Att. ; diavnoian e[cein = dianoei`sqai , c. inf ., Thuc.

2. a thought, notion, opinion, Lat. cogitatum , Hdt ., Plat.
II. intelligence, understanding, Id.
III. the thought or meaning of a word or passage, Id.; th`/ dianoiva/ as regards the sense, Dem.


di-anoivgw , f. xw , to open, Plat

II. to open and explain, ta;" grafav" N.T.


dianomeuv" , evw", oJ , ( dianevmw ) a distributer, Plut.


dianomhv , hJ , ( dianevmw ) Aesch. , Plat.


di-antai`o" , a, on , extending throughout, right through, diantaiva plhghv a home- thrust, Aesch .; so, diantaivan oujta`n Id.; d. bevlo" Id.; ojduvna Eur .: —metaph ., moi`ra d . destiny that strikes home, Aesch.


di-antlevw , f. hvsw , to drain out, exhaust: metaph ., like Lat. exhaurire , to drink even to the dregs, endure to the end, Eur.


dia-nuktereuvw , f. sw , to pass the night, Xen.


di-anuvw , later -anuvtw »uØ1/4 : f. -anuvsw »uØ1/4 :— to bring quite to an end, accomplish, finish, kevleuqon, oJdovn h. Hom. , etc. ;—hence ( oJdovn omitted), dia; povnton ajnuvssa" having finished ones course over the sea, Hes. :— c. part. to finish doing a thing, Od., Eur.


dia-xiØfivzomai , ( xivfo" ) Dep. to fight to the death, Ar.

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