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di-apeilevw , f. hvsw , to threaten violently, Hdt .:—so in Med. , Aeschin.


dia-peinavw , inf. -peinh`n , to hunger one against the other, to have a starving-match, diapeina`me" ( Dor. 1 pl. ), with a play on diapivnomen , Ar.


diav-peira , hJ , an experiment, trial, Hdt.


dia-peiravomai , f. avsomai : aor. -epeiravqhn »a<Eth>1/4 : pf. -pepeivra<Eth>mai : Dep. :— to make trial or proof of, to have experience of a thing, c. gen ., Hdt. ; c. acc ., Thuc.


dia-peivrw , f. -perw` , to drive through, ti diav tino" Eur.


dia-pevmpw , f. yw , to send off in different directions, send to and fro, send about or round, Hdt ., Thuc.

II. to send over or across, Ar ., Thuc. : to transmit, ejpistolhvn Id.; so in Med. , Id.


dia-penqevw , f. hvsw , to mourn through, ejniautovn Plut.


dia-peraivnw , f. a±nw` , to bring to a conclusion, discuss thoroughly, Eur .; diapevrainev moi tell me all, Id.:— Med. , diaperavnasqai krivsin to get a question decided, Id.


dia-peraiovw , f. wvsw , to take across, ferry over, Plut .: —Pass. to go across, Thuc .:— dieperaiwvqh xivfh

swords were unsheathed, Soph.


dia-peravw , f. avsw »a<Eth>1/4 , to go over or across, rJoav", oi\dma Eur .; d. povlin to pass through it, Ar. ; also, diapera`n Molossivan to reign through all Molossia, Eur.

2. to pass through, pierce, Id.
II. trans. to carry over, Luc.


dia-pevrqw , aor. 2 -evpra±qon , Ep. inf. -praqevein : aor. 2 med. -epravqeto in pass. sense:— to destroy utterly, sack, lay waste, of cities, Hom.


di-apevrcomai , Dep. to slip away one by one, Dem.


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